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Easy Breathe Develops New Way for Users to Get Their CPAP Prescription Renewed Quickly Online

The CPAP Prescription Renewal program is just one of the ways that Easy Breathe has been making CPAP easier for people with sleep apnea. 

ZetrOZ Systems Reports sam® Dramatically Improves the Treatment of Soft Tissue, Arthritis and Joint Issues Without Requiring Surgery or Pain Medication

ZetrOZ Systems reports sam® administers 1.3 watts of low-intensity ultrasound energy at 3 megahertz frequency to accelerate biological healing processes and reduce pain.

HPV Test Misses Twice as Many Women Who Develop Cervical Cancer as Cotesting, Quest Diagnostics Health Trends™ Study Finds

The largest study of a nationally representative American population demonstrates co-testing outperforms HPV or Pap testing alone in detecting cancer and precancer in women 30 years and older. The study is significant because it is the largest to date to assess the performance of guideline-recommended cervical cancer screening methods in a diverse population of American women in real-world care settings. It reveals stark differences in the performance of the various recommended methods in detecting cancer and precancers in women 30 years of age and older.

EoS Fitness and Black Box VR Join Forces

Launching this summer in four EoS Fitness locations across Arizona and California, EoS will be the first national gym brand in the U.S. to offer its members a Black Box VR workout that combines dynamic resistance training and high-intensity cardio with sensory and immersive technology.

Insurance Companies Benefit From Reduced Healthcare Reimbursements, Lowering Costs by Approving the Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®) Device

At just the fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure, sam® eliminates the risk of infection and injury that can occur as a result of surgery. This helps insurers avoid reimbursing even more costs.

Sustained Acoustic Medicine Device sam® Offers an Alternative Solution to Pain Medication and Surgery

sam® is a non-invasive prescription medical device that is applied over the target injury and delivers a localized treatment.

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