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Chronic Liver Disease: The ‘Silent’ Disease Affecting 1 in 3 People with An Annual Mortality Rate of 2 Million

Chronic liver disease is a major public health issue worldwide, affecting over 844 million people with an annual mortality rate of 2 million.

Addressing the Silent and Deadly Rise of CKD with Genetic Testing

CKD is a common and growing public health concern. The CDC estimates that one in seven American adults (roughly 37 million people) have CKD, and many are not aware they have it.

Large International Study Pinpoints the Impact of TP53 Mutations On Blood Cancer Severity

A large international study led by researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering finds that having two mutated copies of the TP53 gene, as opposed to a single mutated copy, is associated with worse outcomes in myelodysplastic syndrome and acute myeloid leukemia. The findings have immediate clinical relevance for risk assessment and treatment of people with a blood cancer called myelodysplastic syndrome

The Launch of Thin Film Electrodes: A Defining Moment for Neurosurgery Patients and Physicians

Innovative thin film electrode technology is expected to reach the market soon, prompting medical specialists, healthcare executives and investors to take note of its potential benefits over current technology. Author Dave Rosa, President and CEO of NeuroOne Medical Technologies provides exceptional information and advice.

Fields of Using Printed Circuit Board: Author Duncan Adams

Most of the medical devices have Printed Circuit Boards mounted on them. These Circuit boards help the practitioners to conduct various kinds of medical experiments.

CEO of CareDx, Peter Maag, Discusses the Company’s Commitment to Transplant Patients During the Pandemic and Beyond

Interview with CEO of CareDx, Peter Maag. Maag addresses patient transplant challenges, aid immune-compromised transplant patients, growth during COVID-19, and the future.

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