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Industry Expert Articles

Interview with Dan Goldberger, CEO and Director at electroCore

Medical Device News Magazine had an opportunity to interview Mr. Dan Goldberger, CEO, & Director at electroCore who explains the uniqueness of GammaCore and how it differs from prescription medications and IV treatments for migraines.

The Hospital at Home: A New Approach to Patient Care – By Stuart Long, CEO of InfoBionic

Mr. Long writes, "The Hospital at Home model of healthcare gives patients more freedom of choice and autonomy over their own health and treatment decisions." Read his expert views.

Technology Helps Diabetes Patients Lower Their A1C – By Sid Bala President of Calcium

In the United States alone, almost 40 million people with diabetes face severe health risks due to accompanying chronic conditions like heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. There is an APP that guides diabetics through easy-to-follow pathways that contribute to increased compliance with their care team’s plan, and most importantly, improved outcomes.

INWED: Shining a Light on Women in Engineering – By Joanne Lucas, Culture & Inclusion Lead at WMFTS

"Women in engineering face unique barriers that block their entry and progression in the engineering field including discrimination, a lack of role models, and a company culture that doesn’t accommodate other life commitments and events. Joanne Lucas, Culture and Inclusion Lead at WMFTS shares her views.

5 Ways To Diversify Your Earnings as a Medical Freelancer

Whether you are a medical freelancer in one specific discipline or a jack of all trades, you've got to understand the best ways to diversify your income.

Six QR Code Use Cases within the Healthcare Industry-By Sharat Potharaju, CEO & Co-Founder, Beaconstac

Sharat Potharaju writes, "Professionals in the healthcare space often overlook is the QR code. And in an era where over six billion people have smartphones, incorporating QR codes in healthcare makes sense." Read what he has to say.

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