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Tuesday, July 5, 2022



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CATHI Launches First New Generation Right Heart Catheter Simulator

CATHI a German-based endovascular simulator specialist has launched the CATHIS® RHC 2, the first in a new generation of Right Heart Catheter (RHC) simulators.

An RHC, inserted via the jugular or femoral artery, provides an invasive examination of the right heart (atrium and ventricle) which can detect pathological changes via pressure measurement.

This includes central venous pressure; right atrium pressure and right ventricular pressure; pressure in the pulmonary arteries and capillaries; and cardiac output. The differences in blood pressure determine the hemodynamics of the heart, i.e. how effectively it is pumping blood around the body.

In addition, blood samples can be taken at various points to measure oxygen content.

“Characterizing the exact hemodynamics of patients with cardiovascular disease is becoming increasingly important, so improvement in teaching and knowledge transfer in this field is urgently required”, commented Professor Stephan Rosenkranz, Head of the CCRC.

“Hands-on training using state-of-the-art methods offers an excellent opportunity for a sustainable and efficient transfer of knowledge and understanding of hemodynamic relationships. CATHIS® RHC 2, the new innovative simulator developed with CCRC’s expertise, will significantly enrich our training capabilities”.


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