CereHealth Releases An Enhanced Version of Its Imaging Platform, CereMetrixai

VERITAS Vision System Is Introduced by Johnson & Johnson

The company will offer live demos of the new system in a wet lab at the Johnson & Johnson booth (#2813) this weekend at the 2021 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators Annual Meeting.

GenesisCare Orders 27 Elekta Flexitron Treatment Devices

"GenesisCare continues to demonstrate its commitment to improving patient outcomes worldwide and Elekta is delighted to play a vital partnering role to achieve this mission," said Gustaf Salford, Elekta's President and CEO.

FoodMarble AIRE Shown to Exceed the Performance of ‘Gold Standard’ SIBO Testing in Clinical Trial

SIBO is a very common disorder where there are excessive bacteria present in the small intestine. The true prevalence of SIBO in the general population is largely unknown, with some studies estimating its occurrence in up to 15% of healthy individuals. It is also largely associated with many other common clinical conditions, including irritable bowel syndrome, where 40-80% of IBS patients have SIBO.

CereHealth Corp. has released an enhanced version of its imaging platform, CereMetrixAi™.

Using its FDA-cleared QSPECT® analysis as a template, the platform can now incorporate additional imaging, such as MRI, PET and CT, and non-imaging analytical assessments through an expanding catalog of both in-house and third-party medical image algorithms. Its improved integration capabilities for data collection and reporting opens the door for broader use of non-imaging assessments like neuropsychological evaluations and cognitive screens and expands the platform’s clinical and research applications.

CereMetrixAi™ is a browser-based, cloud-enabled, HIPAA-compliant imaging platform that features FDA-cleared QSPECT® analysis. The platform offers accessible, automated, and objective imaging to radiologists and treating providers to detect, quantify and analyze in significantly less time than other reading tools, and at significantly less expense than traditional workstation-based software solutions. Now with its open platform architecture, various sources of imaging and non-imaging data can be analyzed in a templated, customizable report that is available to clinicians and their patients anytime, anywhere through a browser.

The new release offers efficiency and user experience enhancements to radiologists through inherent support for overreads, customizable templated language fields and a new interface for annotations and image capture.

It also allows other medical imaging modalities such as MRI, PET and CT to take advantage of the three-dimensional visualization capabilities that were previously offered solely with SPECT brain studies.

Third-party imaging developers may now deliver their products to the market via CereMetrixAi’s browser-based platform, expanding the visualization options available and providing doctors a more complete path toward accurate diagnoses.

“Our vision of bringing data-driven medical imaging and analytics to healthcare professionals worldwide takes a giant leap forward with the introduction of CereMetrix 2.0,” said Shane Quint, Chief Technology Officer of CereHealth Corp. “By integrating all sources and types of patient data in a user-friendly platform we are enabling a more complete picture of an individual’s health for more effective diagnosis and treatment. It is the definition of Precision Medicine, and we are proud to be a leader in software solutions that make sense for patients, providers and researchers at all levels.”

Personalized Medicine, matching a specific patient to a similar patient group, will be realized when the entirety of factors affecting a person’s health are considered. Then disease prevention and treatment can be tailored around their unique characteristics. By seamlessly integrating digital health data of all types, CereHealth’s technologies enable medical professionals (and researchers) to advise with precision and accuracy the best diagnostic outcome leading to the right treatment for the right patient at the right time in their lives.



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