Could PEMF Therapy Help With Chronic Pain?

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Chronic pain is the most prevalent pathological condition compelling the patients to consult a physician.

It may happen in any body part, lasting for days, months, or even years. No matter how mild it is, constant pain interferes with your daily life activities or may lead you to anxiety, sleep disturbances, and depression. Various analgesics do not effectively cure the condition rather come with risks related to potential side effects, drug tolerance, or drug dependence. Luckily, the advancements in the field of Biomagnetic offer good alternatives for drugs in the form of therapeutic approaches like Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy PEMF. These approaches provide safe and effective options for alleviating chronic pain.

Pain Management, a Dream or Reality

A PEMF device functions on pulsed electromagnetic frequency technology to provide the optimum magnetic field that reduces pain by performing the following functions.

  •     Enhances the contraction and expansion of cells
  •     Improves circulation of blood oxygen and nutrients to cells resulting in reducing edema
  •     Detoxification and regeneration of damaged cells
  •     Improve muscle function, bone healing, and repairs bones and tendons
  •     Reducing stress and inflammation
  •     Maintaining the body’s natural magnetic field

Unlike static magnets, PEMF induces electrical variation in the body’s cells to influence cell metabolism. The electromagnetic field penetrates through your body muscles yielding long-term benefits and pain alleviation. Another perk of the process is that it requires a short duration of 2-20 minutes.

PEMF devices use a low-frequency electromagnetic field of less than1000 Hz, also known as complex neuro electromagnetic pulses CNP which has rendered a new dimension to treating chronic pains. The concept is to stimulate the body parts as the brain, skin, or spinal cord to cure pain. The PEMF comes under the umbrella of the rapidly growing field of biomagnetic along with deep brain stimulation, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (electroacupuncture), and transcranial magnetic stimulation for pain treatment.

PEMF devices come in different configurations and strengths, so they cover a wide spectrum of pain conditions. The risk factors in the form of addictions, complications, side effects of medicines, and invasiveness of other treatments; are unlikely to happen.

How do Amethyst Mats work?

These mats provide relief in body pain using the electromagnetic waves of amethyst stone. For this, the amethyst stones are filled in the pockets of a narrow mattress. When turned on, it sends mildly heated currents across the stones, which soothe or relax your muscles. The process initiates the release of negative ions and infra-red rays that penetrate deep into your body to provide relief in pain. What you have to do is just lie down in a tranquil environment, close your eyes and enjoy the miracles happening in your body.

  1. Relief in Minor Muscle and Joint Pain

 You can use these mats for any pain aroused due to injury, chronic issues, acute pain or post-surgical recovery, or non-union fractures. It ensures mental and physical wellness.

  1.   Relieves Arthritis and Joint or Muscle Stiffness 

Rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory condition that makes life miserable, amethyst mats may provide substantial relief in the pain. Also, their regular use may help treat muscle spasms and sprains.

  1. No More Migraines

These mats provide instant relief for nasty migraines and splitting headaches. Also, they reduce their likelihood and intensity.

  1. Diabetic Management

In diabetic polyneuropathy, your body may feel numbness on both sides due to nerve function issues. Amethyst mats not only prevent the symptoms of diabetic polyneuropathy but also reverse nerve damage.

Final Words

Expose your body to PEMF and enjoy a pain-free life. Due to rising awareness about the therapy, medical practitioners are turning their heads towards the treatment for its risk-free healing benefits. Besides speedy pain reduction, the therapy also cures the underlying factors that induce pain in your body.



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