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Dr Murdoc Khaleghi Appointed CMO at Base

To Support Expanded Personalized Biomarker Testing and Health Recommendations

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  • Dr Murdoc Khaleghi is a founding member of the Everlywell team and serves as Medical Director at several health tech startups including WellnessFX, Healium, NeuroTrack, and Me Biosciences.

Dr Murdoc Khaleghi is a founding member of the Everlywell team and serves as Medical Director at several health tech startups including WellnessFX, Healium, NeuroTrack, and Me Biosciences.

Dr Murdoc Khaleghi will oversee testing operations, address medical questions from users and help identify new critical health biomarkers to expand the company’s consumer products.

“We are thrilled to add Dr. Khaleghi to our growing team at Base. His impressive background will help boost our medical team, as well as advance our mission to bridge the gap between science and consumers,” said Lola Priego, Founder and CEO of Base. “With his expertise, we aim to create an all encompassing support system for people looking to take control of their health through prevention and personalization.”

Base launched in February 2021 after months of beta testing with $3.4M in seed funding and has experienced tremendous growth since, due in part to the consumer shift to embrace at-home and personalized healthcare. The company uses advanced technology to analyze a blood or saliva sample to determine hormone, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies and address health concerns in five key areas; diet, stress, energy, sleep and sex drive. A diagnosis is then delivered to users via the Base app, along with data-driven suggestions to improve any biomarker levels that are sub-optimal. Personalized recommendations span nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle changes

Last month, the company integrated with Amazon to further advance the personalized health experience and allow users to tailor their shopping choices based on their health goals and lab results. The recommended vitamins and supplements can be added to users’ Amazon shopping cart straight from the Base app, and are vetted and approved by the medical team, which is now led by Dr. Khaleghi.

“Having worked in diagnostics for more than a decade, I have witnessed the power of biomarker testing for overall health improvement and research within the space,” said Dr. Khaleghi. “I’m excited to join Base and work alongside Lola, a passionate and forward-thinking visionary, to continue providing individuals the tools and resources to make informed decisions about their health.”

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