Saturday, November 26, 2022

Dyad Medical, Inc. Joins the Japan External Trade Organization

The cardiac imaging platform developer seeks expansion in global market

Dyad Medical, Inc., the Boston-based developer of the cloud-based AI technology for cardiac image analysis called Libby®, has joined the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) as it looks to expand into global markets.

This acceptance into the program comes shortly after Dyad Medical received FDA clearance for its Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography (IVOCT) image analysis module.

With its association with JETRO, Dyad Medical aims to connect with potential investors and other partners in Japan and other countries in Asia. JETRO, a non-profit organization that helps businesses successfully enter the Japanese market, offers resources for businesses to partner with various organizations, investors and other healthcare partners. These partnerships will allow Dyad Medical to expand its efforts in the adoption of imaging AI in high quality patient care.

“Dyad Medical’s Intravascular OCT app, Libby® IAAA, recently received FDA clearance,” said Ronny Shalev, PhD., CEO and Co-Founder of Dyad Medical. “We are enhancing our FDA application to provide more clinical validation and our association with JETRO will help us further broaden the adoption of imaging AI as an integral part of value-based care.”

Libby® IAAA is a groundbreaking AI and cloud-based healthcare technology for cardiovascular imaging analysis. With this technology, Dyad Medical, Inc. aims to enable doctors to interpret medical image content more efficiently from anywhere in the world. Libby® is powered by artificial intelligence, as a global community of clinicians have shared their expertise to train the AI model, effectively offering practitioners “thousands of second opinions.”

About Dyad Medical
Boston-based Dyad Medical develops clinical applications using cloud-based artificial intelligence aimed at enabling doctors to interpret medical image content more efficiently from anywhere in the world. It is powered by the expertise of a global community of clinicians who train the model, effectively offering practitioners “thousands of second opinions.” Within the digital diagnostics arena, Dyad Medical’s core focus is on cardiac imaging because more people die as a result of cardiovascular disease than all types of cancer, diabetes, and accidents combined.

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is a non-profit organization that provides business support services to companies expanding to Japan. Since 2003, JETRO has supported more than 15,000 business investment projects and helped over 1,500 companies successfully invest in Japan. With the support of JETRO’s dedicated staff, clients can incorporate their business; receive visa, immigration, and HR support; find dedicated office space; identify local government subsidies; get tailored market studies; and more.

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