Ezra Announces New Interactive Tool That Helps Visualize Imaging Data

Ezra, the NY-based startup transforming early cancer screening using full-body MRI scans, today announced the launch of Ezra Viewer, a next-generation user interface that allows patients to view, interact with, and download their MRI scan images instead of relying on traditional CDs.

Ezra Viewer gives patients a new way to interact with their MRI data and digest their results. An Ezra Full Body is a 60-minute MRI scan that captures nearly 1,000 images of up to 13 organs across the head, neck, abdomen and pelvis. For each scan, Ezra delivers an Ezra Report detailing clinically significant findings of possible cancer or pre-cancer warning signs in your body. With Ezra Viewer, patients can now scroll through digital images from their scan as they digest the results from their Ezra Report.

The Ezra team also hopes the new interface will encourage more image sharing and follow-up care on radiologist findings. In one click, the tool enables patients to easily download their images to share with their PCP or a specialist. Even if Ezra patients don’t have any findings that require follow-up care or diagnostic testing, the team hopes Ezra Viewer will create more discussion about Ezra Scans as a way to screen for possible cancer.

Emi Gal, CEO and co-founder of Ezra, noted: “Our mission is to detect cancer early for everyone. Our innovations team hopes Ezra Viewer will encourage more conversation between our patients and their physicians, friends and family.”

The announcement comes on the heels of the company’s momentous growth as the leading full-body cancer screening service in the US. Underscored within its 2021 Year in Review, Ezra achieved a 400% increase in growth — driven, in part, by member referrals, which comprised a third of overall growth  — and performed over 1,000 total cancer screenings across its clinic locations in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami.

Throughout 2021, the company also announced significant upgrades to the Ezra Member experience, including the 6th generation Ezra Full Body MRI protocol, the relaunch of its member dashboard (MyEzra), and the launch of its newest AI, Ezra Reporter – a tool that automatically converts a radiology report into a lay term Ezra report.

Ezra projects a 500% increase in growth in 2022. In line with the company’s mission to make cancer screening more accessible for all, Ezra aims to expand operations significantly over the course of the year.

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