FTG Adds Protections for its Wireless X-Ray Sensor

News: FTG Adds Protections for its Wireless X-Ray Sensor

Freedom Technologies Group (FTG) announced new protections against accidental damage, loss, and theft for its wireless intraoral x-ray sensor, DC-Air™, to be included in the product’s standard warranty. The updated warranty now includes a deductible option for overnight replacement— something typically reserved for paid support models.

“A concern we hear a lot from doctors interested in the sensor is that their staff may drop it or walk off with it since it doesn’t have a wire,” says John Celigoy, FTG’s Chief Operating Officer. “The DC-Air has technologies like Bluetooth tracking and a new type of x-ray sensor technology that is far more durable than any other digital sensor, so we’ve seen these concerns do not reflect the actual experience of our users.”

The new x-ray sensor has been featured in dental publications and revealed at events since such as The Dental Festival in Miami, FL after it received acceptance of its FDA 510(k) Product Submission in July this year.

Robert Sachs, D.D.S., FTG’s Chief Clinical Officer adds, “The DC-Air™ is meeting or exceeding all expectations from a performance standpoint, so including coverage for these concerns was an easy way to cut the risk for offices that want to move up to this technology.”

In a Twitter thread last week, FTG announced they would also be adding an option to extend the sensor’s warranty and replacement coverage out to 48 months at any point before the included 24-month warranty runs out.

The updates to the included warranty are reported to be effective immediately and apply retroactively to all current users. In addition, the company is offering a risk-free trial of the sensor to dental offices.

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