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Innovatus Imaging is Opening up a Virtual Tour of Its Proprietary Technology Developed Over Nearly 40 Years

Innovatus Imaging notes touring the company’s Centers of Excellence for Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing, and Ultrasound Probe Repair, even virtually, Healthcare Technology Management experts will be able to identify the processes and technology behind sustainable repairs that result in enhanced device lifecycles, lower cost of ownership, and higher ROI’s. 

Innovatus Imaging Expands RapidRepair Program

Innovatus Imaging has invested millions in improving infrastructure and staff, accelerating their training programs, increasing efficiencies, and developing additional proprietary processes.

Innovatus Imaging Engineers New Repair Solutions for the Philips X5-1

Expands testing and repair capabilities.

Innovatus Imaging Bridges the Gap Between Academics and Business

3/26/19: The Ultrasound School program operated by Innovatus Imaging is designed to help students have a hands-on experience in the real world, in real time, to more fully understand the critical nature and equipment issues associated with managing imaging device inventory which is essential to treating patients.

Centers of Excellence to Streamline Technological and Service Advancements for Imaging Devices Unveiled by Innovatus Imaging

7/10/18: “By organizing our talent around business lines, we can streamline operations and pass the efficiencies and savings on to providers, ultimately allowing them to better serve the diverse needs of patients,” Mr. Wulf said. “It’s all part of a bigger picture to improve health care processes and access for all parties involved.”