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IPM Group Partners with Chirana Medical, Ximedica and NDA Partners

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  • Chirana Medical has already increased production in Europe by 3x to approximately 1,200 units per annum and through the strategic partnership with IPM, Ximideca and NDA Partners, will aim to expand capacity by 5,000 units per year in North America, and to gain regulatory approvals in the U.

IPM Group notes in one of the most significant bids to aid the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, IPM Group is the fastest-growing InfraTech asset manager in Europe.

IPM Group reports they have partnered with Chirana Medical, Ximedica, and NDA Partners to rapidly scale up the production of the proprietary ICU lung ventilator, Aura V.

Recognized as one of the most technologically advanced critical care ventilation systems in the world, the Aura V will be made more widely available to address the shortage of critical care ventilators due to COVID-19.  With its highly advanced modes of ventilation, it is well suited to treat patients suffering from conditions that result in severe ARDS.

Through a strategic partnership with IPM Group, which specializes in scaling up the world’s most ground-breaking technologies rapidly, Ximedica, a leading medical product development and manufacturing company, and NDA Partners, a leading medical product development and regulatory strategy consultancy in North America, Chirana Medical will now increase global production capacity by approximately 5,000 ventilators per annum. The partnership aims to assist physicians globally to lower the mortality rates in hospital ICUs by making the critical equipment available worldwide.

Chirana Medical’s technological prowess has resulted in a huge recent increase in demand for the Aura V ventilator, with inquiries for over 20,000 units received this year. Chirana Medical has already increased production in Europe by 3x to approximately 1,200 units per annum and through the strategic partnership with IPM, Ximideca and NDA Partners, will aim to expand capacity by 5,000 units per year in North America, and to gain regulatory approvals in the U.S, Canada and other jurisdictions in Latin America, Middle East, India and other areas severely affected by the pandemic. The Aura V ventilator is already fully approved and in use in the European Union, Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Mexico.

The need for Chirana’s Aura V ventilator is another example of the growing global demand for innovative technologies developed in Central and Eastern Europe. Slovakia-based Chirana Medical, founded in 1935, is known for manufacturing the first “artificial heart” in 1959, and has continued to be recognized as a leader in medical innovation.

The proprietary technology behind Chirana’s Aura V multi-modal ventilator includes key product features such as programmed multilevel ventilation (PMLV), wireless operation options, automated operation with AI-driven adjustments resulting in constant gas flow with the highest degree of purification, advanced three-level alarm system with auto-start ventilation system and reduced exposure risk to doctors and nurses.

Jan Brkal, CEO of Chirana Medical, commented: “Everything we do is for the health of our patients and of our planet. Our products are designed to be very durable, reliable, and to have a very long lifetime (more than 100,000 moto-hours), with an important focus placed on minimizing costs for operation, service, maintenance and maximizing patient outcomes via personalized and non-traumatizing ventilation of lungs. Our product’s unique features, especially the multilevel ventilation method, enable improved gas distribution to the patient. Because our own capacity is limited, we have partnered with IPM on this international project to ensure many more in the world will benefit from our sophisticated technology.”

Peter Gajdos, Head of Venture Capital at IPM Group and Executive Chairman of IPM Chirana Inc., added: “The world does not need more cheap ventilators; the world needs better ventilators. IPM is very proud to be a driving force behind this innovative partnership. The need to accelerate the production of the Aura V ventilators, which has already saved the lives of many, is essential in our view. We are looking forward to quickly increasing capacity to ensure a timely global impact.”

Ximedica’s, President and COO, Michael Pereira added: “Ximedica’s mission focuses on improving outcomes and enhancing lives. We are excited and proud to be partnering with a team of companies that want to make a difference with such an advanced and cost-effective ventilator design.”

Earle Martin, CEO of NDA Partners LLC, commented: “We are pleased to partner with IPM Group and support this important effort to address one of the public health challenges of COVID-19 and make a significant contribution to patient care and safety globally.”

The partnership represents IPM Group’s strong commitment to healthcare and adheres to the asset manager’s innovative InfraTech strategy which focuses on scaling up ground-breaking technologies globally. IPM’s portfolio companies, including InoBat, a leading EV battery company, and Tachyum, a semiconductor company developing the world’s first universal processor chip, are positioned to solve some of the world’s pressing issues across sectors including energy, mobility and AI-enabled critical infrastructure.

The global consortium behind the partnership is made up from Chirana Medical (medical technology), IPM Group (finance and strategy), Ximedica (design and contract manufacturing) and NDA Partners (regulatory advisory).

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