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Saturday, June 3, 2023



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KA IMAGING to Introduce Its 1st Mobile X-ray Unit at RSNA

Canadian manufacturer KA Imaging is introducing its first mobile X-ray system at the upcoming RSNA meeting. The Reveal™ Mobi Lite is an integrated solution powered by patented SpectralDR™ technology, which makes is the world’s first mobile system with dual-energy capabilities.

Powered by the company’s patented SpectralDR™ technology, the Reveal Mobi Lite operates with the Reveal 35C detector, which is also sold as a retrofit solution. KA Imaging’s SpectralDR™ technology enables dual-energy subtraction, providing bone and tissue differentiation with a single standard X-ray exposure. It acquires three images simultaneously (DR, bone and soft tissue dual-energy X-ray images). The technology reduces patient dose due to the industry leading DQE of the Reveal 35C detector, and uses identical clinical techniques associated with state-of-the-art mobile DR X-ray, without disrupting existing workflows.

“Point-of-care X-ray has now changed forever because SpectralDR™ improves outcomes anywhere it is required,” said Amol Karnick, President and CEO of KA Imaging. The subtracted images aid the visualization of a number of conditions, including lung nodules, pneumonia, pnemothorax, confirming tips of lines and tubes, foreign surgical objects, visualing lateral spine and even coronary calcium.

“If a traditional digital radiograph is analogous to reading data contained on a printed page, dual-energy subtraction highlights the salient information, adding speed, accuracy and confidence for the clinical reader,” said Karim S. Karim, CTO at KA Imaging. “Hospitals today face many challenges, with overburdened and understaffed imaging departments. Offering an easy-to-implement solution with better clinical and operational results is our way of helping,” said Karnick.

Recently, the company announced results of two clinical trials using the technology. One of them focused on lung lesions detection. Quoting directly from the poster, “lesion visibility reportedly increased in 45% of the cases when supplemental dual-energy images were included1.” The other study focused on dual-energy subtraction and the detection of pneumonia. KA’s technology was shown to detect 33% more pneumonia cases (including COVID-19) than traditional X-Ray1.

Currently, the Reveal 35C is FDA cleared and available for sale in the United States of America. The Reveal Mobi Lite is not available for sale.

KA Imaging is exhibiting at booth 7948 in the North Hall.

  1. Visit our website to learn more about the studies.
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