MolecuLight Reports 10 Clinical Posters and Video Presentations at SAWC

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MolecuLight reports 10 Clinical Posters and Video Presentations took place at SAWC Spring 2020, held virtually from July 24 – 26, 2020. SAWC is one of the largest multidisciplinary meetings of wound care professionals.

“We are thrilled to have had a record number of MolecuLight-based clinical posters and presentations, from so many wound care professionals and settings, be included at the SAWC’s Virtual Session”, says Anil Amlani, MolecuLight’s CEO. “The key clinical outcomes – from improved wound assessment and treatment planning, point-of-care monitoring of wound cleaning and debridement efficacy, and the ability to detect biofilm in wounds – all illustrate the significant clinical improvements to wound care provided to clinicians by the MolecuLight i:X. Evidence for cost savings stemming from earlier detection of high bacterial loads, also presented at this meeting, demonstrates the significant health economic benefit that goes along with these improvements to patient care.”

A submission on MolecuLight by Rosemary Hill, CWOCN and Kevin Woo, RN PhD was one of the top 4 scoring abstracts, out of more than 200 submissions. This is the fourth consecutive SAWC meeting where an abstract on patient care improvements achieved through MolecuLight’s bacterial-detection technology has received this honour.

The 10 clinical posters and newly-available video abstracts featuring the MolecuLight i:X from SAWC Virtual are as follows:

  • Poster PI-002 – Highest Scoring for Oral/Podium Presentation
    Using the UPPER/LOWER Infection Checklists and Real-time Fluorescence Imaging: A Complimentary Approach to Wound Assessment
    Rosemary Hill 
    Watch the Clinical Presentation

  • Poster GR-05:
    Real-world Evidence Demonstrating Utility of Bacterial Fluorescence Imaging to Guide Treatment Decision Making in 283 Wounds
    Laura M. Jones, Ashley Jacob, Alyssa Mackey, Nathan Krehbiel, Anna D’souza, Monique Y. Rennie
    Watch the Video Abstract

  • Poster EBP-009:
    Superabsorbent Dressing Impact on Fluorescing Bacteria in the Real-World Setting
    Catherine Milne
    Download Poster

  • Poster EBP-008:
    Evaluation of a Novel Antimicrobial Topical Spray to Reduce Bioburden
    Catherine Milne
    Download Poster

  • Poster CR-026:
    Stopping the Guesswork: Using Point-of-care Fluorescence Imaging to Guide Antibiotic Stewardship
    Monique Rennie
    Download Poster

  • Poster CR-027:
    Fluorescence Imaging and Delayed Healing Are the Only Significant Predictors of Bacterial Loads >10,000 CFU/g: Data from 350 Wounds
    Monique Y. Rennie, Liis Teene, Anna D’souza, Thomas Serena
    Watch the Video Abstract

  • Poster GR-12:
    Quantitative vs. Semi-quantitative Measurements of Bacterial Load in Wounds: Assessment of 1053 Data Points from 41 Bacterial Species in a 350-patient Trial
    Monique Y. Rennie, Liis Teene, Anna D’souza, Thomas Serena
    Watch the Video Abstract

  • Poster GR-20:
    An Evidence-based Decision Tree Using Fluorescence Imaging to Address Bacterial Load Per International Guidelines
    Liis Teene, Anna D’souza, Monique Y. Rennie
    Watch the Video Abstract

  • Poster HE-012:
    Health Economics of Fluorescence Imaging: Realized Cost Savings with Appropriate Treatment of Bacteria in Chronic Wounds
    Monique Y. Rennie, Liis Teene
    Download Poster

  • Poster M LR-044:
    In vivo Detection of Bacteria Within a Biofilm Using a Point-of-care Fluorescence Imaging Device
    Andrea J. Lopez, Landrye Reynolds, Rachel Diaz, Isiah George, William Little, Laura M. Jones PhD, Monique Y. Rennie PhD, Allie Clinton Smith, PhD
    Watch the Video Abstract

In the Virtual SAWC exhibit hall, MolecuLight also shared its new US reimbursement pathway (as of July 1, 2020) that includes two CPT® codes (Category III) for physician work and facility payment for Hospital Outpatient Department (HOPD) and Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) settings through an Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) assignment. These new codes were issued by the AMA and CMS, respectively, after a critical review of the large body of supporting clinical evidence, and with each body recognizing the medical necessity of this procedure.



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