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Novuson Reports Direct Therapeutic Ultrasound Improving Surgical Safety and Precision

Novuson announces the recent launch of their Regulation Crowdfunding raise. Join us in improving surgical safety and precision.

Novuson is focused on finishing validation studies for the regulatory clearance of our first-in-class Ultrastat 3mm MiniLS advanced energy sealer/divider. Energy based surgical instruments are used in most surgical procedures. They improve surgical efficiency.

We intend to revolutionize surgical safety and precision,” said Founder and CEO, Dr. Stuart Mitchell. “We at Novuson believe the Ultrastat 3mm MiniLS vessel sealer/divider will disrupt the surgical market, improving patient safety with DTU precision.”

With the help of StartEngine, we are excited to announce the commencement of our equity crowdfunding campaign. Equity crowdfunding allows companies like Novuson to raise capital from the public.  Investors will hold partial ownership in Novuson and will have the opportunity to profit if and when Novuson does well.

More information here.

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