Saturday, December 3, 2022

Penumbra Launches Next Gen DTx VR system, for Clinical Rehab

Penumbra, Inc. (NYSE: PEN), a global healthcare company focused on innovative therapies, today introduced the REAL Immersive System y-Series, expanding its comprehensive virtual reality-based healthcare platform with significantly more activities and experiences now available to help improve patient care, including clinical rehabilitation therapy. With TherapyView™, an enhanced therapist interface, clinicians can customize therapy programs based on individual needs to challenge, motivate and engage patients.

REAL y-Series includes upgraded hardware and sensor technology to address needs spanning a wider range of rehab patients. The expanded content library includes activities that address motor skills, cognition, core and balance, functional tasks, activities of daily living (ADLs), vision and wellness. Many of these activities can be customized to support patient progression, resulting in many ways the REAL System can support clinicians and their patients. The REAL y-Series will be featured at Penumbra’s booth (#320) during this week’s American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference & Expo.

“Our next generation REAL y-Series represents our next step in fulfilling our vision for a healthcare-specific platform. Our innovations address the continued needs of clinicians while considerably improving care and bringing forward the latest advancements in software, hardware and analytics to enrich traditional physical and occupational therapies,” said Gita Barry, executive vice president and general manager of Penumbra’s Immersive Healthcare business. “Our aim is to continue to develop and partner with others to create a comprehensive library of activities across one platform so clinicians can easily access customizable tools with clinically experienced support teams to help a broad range of patients.”

The REAL System platform is designed to address a wide range of health conditions for more than 50 million patients and their providers. The platform includes the company’s proprietary hardware, provider-focused platform and system software, patient-engaging activities and experiences, and secure, compliant data and analytics. REAL y-Series is the latest generation of the REAL Immersive System that has supported more than 3,000 patients in the U.S. The REAL System platform also includes the REAL i-Series, a gaze-based virtual-reality system designed to address the cognition and mental well-being of users in a wide-variety of healthcare settings, including inpatient and outpatient facilities, senior living and employee wellness.

About the REAL Immersive System Portfolio

Penumbra’s REAL Immersive System is a platform of products that leverages virtual reality to deliver engaging, immersive healthcare designed to promote better health, including furthering functional skills, cognition and stress management. Built on advanced technology with a growing library of VR-based activities and experiences, the REAL Immersive System platform is comprised of two product solutions: REAL y-Series for clinical rehabilitation and REAL i-Series for wellness.

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