Physica System Trabecular Titanium Tibial Plate – 1st Surgery Performed by Dr. Ivan De Martino

Physica system Trabecular Titanium Tibial Plate first surgery was performed on  April 29th. Dr. Ivan De Martino performed his first surgery at Agostino Gemelli IRCCS University Hospital Foundation of Rome.

Dr. De Martino is a Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, specializing in complex joint replacement and revision in the Department of Orthopedics directed by prof. Giulio Maccauro. Prior to his current position, Dr. De Martino spent seven years working at HSS and is one of the surgeon designers of this implant.

Upon completing the procedure, Dr. De Martino stated, “The case went well and I’m very satisfied with the outcome. The preparation of the tibial component was quick and easy, and the feeling during impaction was good, the implant was well seated and the fixation rock-solid. The patient was a young male, and I am confident this implant will support his comeback to an active life.”

The Physica system TT Tibial Plate was designed by LimaCorporate in collaboration with the Department of Biomechanics at HSS led by its Director, Timothy Wright, PhD., and Director of Device Development, Joseph Lipman. Headquartered in New York City, HSS is the largest academic medical center specialized in musculoskeletal health and is ranked the #1 hospital in the world for Orthopedics by Newsweek.

“The engineers and surgeons at HSS were delighted to be part of this exciting development effort in close collaboration with our colleagues from LimaCorporate,” stated Dr. Wright.

Embracing the design expertise of HSS and more than 14 years of innovation in 3D printing and clinical history of Trabecular Titanium™ (TT), the Physica system TT Tibial Plate is a state-of-the-art implant that enables LimaCorporate to enter the growing cementless total knee market.

The Physica system TT Tibial Plate is designed to offer a more bone preserving implant with long-term biological fixation compared to standard cemented designs. This will deliver additional benefits to the younger more active patient.

“The use of Trabecular Titanium™ we believe will be a significant advance in cementless total knee design improving osseous integration into the implant and improving outcomes for our patients” stated Dr. Thomas Sculco, Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus of HSS and one of the surgeon designers of the TT Tibial Plate.

Luigi Ferrari, LimaCorporate CEO, commented: “TT Tibial plate is an important addition to the Physica system and will enable LimaCorporate to approach a new segment of the total knee market. This latest product represents another important milestone for us. I’m excited about the positive impact it will have in helping surgeons to restore the eMotion of motion in their patients.”

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