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Friday, March 24, 2023



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Prepare Yourself: 6 Medical Documents to Translate

The correct translation of medical documents for travel or study purposes became an essential issue during the pandemic times as many travelers faced an urgent necessity to get everything checked. The most important is to stay prepared and start early by talking to your healthcare advisor to guarantee that every critical paper is present. Take your time to review the list of documents you must provide as you cross the borders or travel locally as a tourist.

6 Medical Documents You Must Translate

  1. Health Insurance Card.

Getting your insurance report may take even more time if you are planning to travel in the summer or during the days when school vacations start. Your insurance company may take time to prepare your financial report and the list of services that you may consider. If you are not sure how to approach such documents, it’s helpful if you contact legal advisors and discuss things first.

  1. Immunization Record.

It’s the most popular medical translation request these days, so one must take time to prepare the immunization record document early. Since these are time-critical, translation services usually process them faster than the other documents. Check with the country of destination for additional rules that may be implemented.

  1. Yellow Fever Vaccination Report.

Also known as the ICVP yellow code, this document may not be required for most countries. Still, if you plan to travel to South America, the vaccination proof (a special Prophylaxis card) will help you avoid problems. Safety should be your top priority as the world is changing fast, and new travel challenges are emerging!

  1. Medical Prescriptions.

This part varies from person to person, as your list of medical prescriptions is crucial when you visit a foreign drugstore or have an accident. Showing your medical documents that have been correctly translated when talking to an international healthcare provider can help save your life during a poisoning or an acute case of a chronic condition. It’s recommended to have several medical prescription lists so that you can share one of them in case of such a necessity.

  1. Your Physician’s Contacts.

Provide complete contact information and the urgent phone number where your physician can be contacted 24/7. While most people don’t have such a luxury, it’s necessary to provide an international phone number where an English-speaking specialist can offer the foreign colleagues information regarding critical precautions (if there are any). Getting in touch with your doctor should be negotiated with all sides involved!

  1. Family Contacts & Travel’s Purpose Document.

Providing information about your travel plan with the places you wish to attend is also helpful for the customers. It will help to keep you safe. You must also provide your family and hotel contacts, as the translated document will help relevant specialists act fast!

Medical Translation Specifics to Consider

As you place a request for a medical translation of your documents, use only certified services and choose human translation as the solution. It’s recommended to avoid machine translation when dealing with the healthcare field because accuracy and human intervention are paramount. Check the spelling, contact numbers, and personal information once you receive the final document. If something sounds unclear or document formatting does not look the same, ask questions and consult your healthcare provider.


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