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Real Time Imaging Technologies, LLC Secures New Patent

January 27, 2021

Real Time Imaging Technologies LLC is pleased to announce that it has received U.S. Patent No. 10,898,070 IMAGING APPARATUS AND METHODS which covers the Company’s methods for incorporating microlens into x-ray imaging detectors that enables significantly lower radiation dose without compromising image resolution.

“The microlens significance rests on its capacity to efficiently collect and focus the low radiation low light that would have otherwise fallen onto the non-sensitive areas of the collector and thereby increasing detector’s fill factor and quantum efficiency.

This will translate into more sensitive x-ray detectors for low-dose imaging acquisition and a pixel size reduction for an increased spatial resolution and diagnostic confidence, said Dr. Uzbelger Feldman, the inventor of this breakthrough for medical, dental, and veterinary x-rays imaging detection.

“Today’s announcement broadens our current expansive patent portfolio covering important diagnostic and procedural imaging technology. Our technology is designed to assist physicians, dentists and vets to be able to visualize and navigate procedures more safely and efficiently with significantly less radiation dose exposure,” said Michael Sinsheimer, Chairman and Co-founder of Real Time Imaging Technologies, LLC.

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