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Saturday, June 3, 2023



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KA Imaging Secures Taiwan License for Reveal 35C Dual-Energy X-ray Detector

Reveal 35C: KA Imaging’s portable single exposure dual-energy X-ray detector can now be sold in the Taiwan market. The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration has licensed the Reveal 35C detector as a Second Level Medical Device, authorizing its distribution for 5 years.

Recently, the company also got the green light to market the Reveal 35C in Canada, the United States and Australia. “Taiwan represents an important milestone as we expand KA’s footprint internationally,” said Amol Karnick, President and CEO of KA Imaging.

“InnoCare is pleased to cooperate with KA Imaging for the Reveal 35C dual-energy detector,” said Jeff Chang, Global Sales director. TFDA certification for Reveal 35C was received in October 2021.

He wen on to say, “We have already received positive feedback from our current channels on the performance of Reveal 35C in the international market,” continued Chang, “and we are looking forward to sharing this single exposure dual-energy X-ray detection product with our existing channels and network across major hospitals in Taiwan.”

According to Chang, during the initial discussions with major hospitals in Taiwan, many physicians, especially from the Orthopedics and Radiology departments, have shown great interest in the applications of Reveal 35C. “We strongly believe that the detector can help early detection of different conditions in Taiwan’s hospitals,” said Chang.

Reveal 35C is the world’s first and only single exposure dual-energy flat panel X-ray detector that can be used in fixed, mobile, and portable applications. Its patented dual-energy technology only requires one shot to produce three images (DR, bone, and tissue) without motion artifacts.

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