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Revolutionizing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: BARIKS Unveils Game-Changing Portable Chambers

Revolutionizing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: BARIKS Unveils Game-Changing Portable Chambers
Bariks Health

BARIKS, an Israeli pioneer in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), introduces a game-changing innovation: a patented, portable, foldable hyperbaric chamber operating at a working pressure of 3 atmospheres. This chamber promises to transform HBOT treatment and its accessibility.

In an exclusive interview with Yoav Blat, BARIKS’ Representative in North America, we explore the technology behind this chamber and its potential to revolutionize and redefine the HBOT Landscape.

After an intensive four-year development, BARIKS is set to launch its state-of-the-art chambers in early 2024. Traditionally, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), known for its remarkable healing potential and diverse medical contexts, has been confined to specialized medical facilities.

Differing from traditional methods involving large multi-place chambers or less innovative monoplace chambers, BARIKS’ solution transcends the 2 ATA pressure barrier, enabling transformative treatments. Its applications span medical care, cognitive enhancement, sports medicine, anti-aging, and aesthetics while enhancing overall quality of life.

BARIKS’ achievement is poised to reshape HBOT, unlocking new dimensions of healing and wellness.

Our chamber design embodies innovation, folding into a suitcase within minutes, fitting into a car trunk, and weighing a mere 25 kilograms. This eliminates the necessity for hospital visits, making treatments convenient wherever you are.

Integrated software enhances our chamber, offering personalized treatments and precise data analysis to cater to individual preferences and meet stringent medical monitoring standards.

BARIKS’ commitment to pioneering technology propels the future of hyperbaric therapy, ensuring accessibility and efficacy for all by democratizing access to this transformative therapy.

Patents and Grants

Our technologies are fortified by patents, including co-invention of chamber body material with an Israeli specialist factory exclusively owned by Bariks.

Our software platform features robust security mechanisms and a patented distinct approach to HBOT.

Bariks secured a substantial grant from the Israel Innovation Authority.  $1 million annually for three years. This underscores our technological potential and exceptional team. The Authority’s stringent due diligence process sets a high standard for investors and collaborators.

The Visionary Team Driving BARIKS’ Innovation

Admiral Yedidya Ya‘ari – Co-Chairman, Former CEO of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, and commander of the Israeli Navy

Boaz Misholi – Co-Chairman Tech entrepreneur with a legacy of success,

Dr. Yehuda Melamed – Medical Director, Pioneering hyperbaric medicine expert

Amir Shukrun – CEO, Vast experience in private equity and management.

A Vision for the Future

The BARIKS Team, armed with extensive expertise, spearheads the HBOT revolution.

The company’s financial projections indicate a promising future, with robust growth anticipated. Sales are projected to reach hundreds of millions over the next few years, propelling BARIKS to a substantial valuation. This will be supported by a strong balance sheet and successful operations, crucial in today’s valuation landscape.

BARIKS is ready to usher in a transformative era in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, positioning itself as a pioneering innovator and introducing accessible and effective treatment options for all.

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