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RSIP Vision Launches a New Knee Segmentation and Landmark Detection from X-ray Module

By leveraging the power of RSIP Vision's novel AI module, surgeons and radiologists can automatically collect - from regular X-ray images only - the accurate measurements they want.

An Innovative Set of AI Modules for Enhanced Medical Ultrasound Applications is Introduced

These innovative modules empower a wide range of medical applications by overcoming the main ultrasound challenges - user-dependent acquisition and noisy, clinically challenging images. This improves the workflow and diagnostic accuracy while reducing the overall procedure time.

RSIP Vision’s Advanced AI Technology Provides Segmentation with Unmatched Precision for Interventional Lung Procedures

Dr Rabeeh Fares, Senior resident in Tel Aviv Medical Center reported, “From the Radiology point of view, this new AI module, is becoming an increasingly helpful tool, especially in detecting small peripheral or very proximal lung lesions, that could be of clinical importance and might be missed without it. Eventually, improving the clinical outcome and maximizing the multidisciplinary workflow in the daily practice."

Knee Replacement Patients Enjoy Life-Changing Surgical Outcomes with RSIP Vision’s Revolutionary AI Solution

For most, knee replacement surgery is a difficult option, with a painful recovery and a long, rigorous rehabilitation period. Now the superior accuracy and precision of the RSIP Vision AI solution, unmatched in the market today, revolutionizes knee surgery to provide remarkably improved outcomes for patients. By helping surgeons match patients with the best possible implants, the groundbreaking technology offers patients far greater comfort, less pain, and a faster road to full mobility.