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Ryan Hartman Appointed To Chief Commercial Officer Of Trice Medical

Ryan Hartman brings with him over twenty years of healthcare experience, of which the last nineteen years were with Boston Scientific.

He received his Bachelor of Arts from SUNY, New Paltz and his Master of Science from New School University.

He will be responsible for developing and executing the Global Marketing strategy including; Health Economics and Reimbursement, Clinical Strategy and Product Development across Trice Medical’s growing, innovative business.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Hartman advanced through multiple leadership roles within Sales, Marketing and Market Development.  In his most recent position as Vice President for Single-Use Scopes and Global Markets, Mr. Hartman was instrumental in positioning Boston Scientific as a global leader in the Gastrointestinal Single Use Endoscopy space, where he led a team that would be the first to launch several disruptive disposable endoscopes.

Trice Medical is known for its disruptive imaging technology that enables orthopedic procedures to be performed on its portable, tablet-based system. Trice developed the world’s first and only platform that combines a disposable needle camera (mi-eye™) with a high-quality 15mghz ultrasound transducer (mi-ultra™).

In 2020, Trice launched a fully-disposable endoscopic carpal tunnel system with the disposable mi-eye angled camera, making Trice the first company in the world to enable surgeons to perform this procedure anywhere: in the operating room; a procedure room; or in the office.

In 2021, Trice acquired Tenex Health, whose cutting-edge, minimally invasive technology improves overall functionality and significantly decreases pain, by precisely targeting and removing damaged tissue and bone without the need for conventional surgery.

“Ryan is a visionary, innovative, thoughtful and patient centric leader in the industry. His background with regards to understanding the market opportunities for small, disposable cameras is a perfect match for where our business is headed,” said CEO and President, Mark Foster. “Trice is building a large business in small procedures and we are looking forward to Ryan’s contributions.”

“We are at the very beginning of a massive wave of change in the way disposable cameras will be used, to unlock value throughout the global healthcare world.  Many of these future innovations will enable healthcare providers to deliver better patient outcomes, with more efficiency.  I am very excited to join the talented team at Trice to help bring their vision to life,” said Chief Commercial Officer, Ryan Hartman.

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