MindPortal Raises $5 Million

MindPortal Raises $5 Million

MindPortal creators of the next personal computer that is a wearable non-invasive brain-computer interface, announced today it completed a $5 Million seed round of financing.

Learn Capital led the round, with additional investment from Kleiner Perkins; Dan Siroker, Founder & CEO of Scribe AI; Matt Bellamy, rockstar and frontman of Muse; James Park, Co-Founder & CEO of Fitbit; Julie Zhou, Co-Founder of Sundial and former Vice President of Product Design for Facebook; Scrum Ventures; and additional angels from frontier tech, hardware and product design. Previous pre-seed investors included 7pc and Y Combinator. The new funding will be used to hire additional neuroscientists, product engineers and machine learning experts.

Presently, MindPortal’s patent pending wearable device can record human brain activity in real time, without surgery, with 10-100x more precision than EEG technology. The platform brain computer being developed will act as a bi-directional portal; connecting the mind to immersive, creative and playful experiences and also as a gateway into the mind. When wearing MindPortal’s device, people will be able to create and share new experiences e.g. in VR/AR, just by using their thoughts, and channel experiences into their mind.

“We’re animated by a vision of the future where every human on the planet has a greater opportunity to fully develop their talents and minds,” said Rob Hutter, Founder & Managing Partner of Learn Capital. “MindPortal is pursuing what some would call the holy grail – namely, a portable and non-invasive platform that samples brain activity at high spatial and temporal resolution, a technical feat that could unleash the potential for a dramatic improvement in productivity across work, play and life.”

“All technology has been generated from the ingenuity of the human mind, but for the first time in the history of our species, we are turning that ingenuity towards creating technology that enhances the human mind itself,” Ekram Alam, Co-founder & CEO of MindPortal.

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