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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Samsara Vision and Lansheng Medical “MyVision” Announce Collaboration to Commercialize the SING IMT™ in China

Samsara Vision, a company focused on bringing vision and freedom back to late-stage, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) patients through advanced visual prosthetic devices, today announced it will collaborate with Lansheng Medical “MyVision”, a China-based company focused on ophthalmology, to develop a comprehensive clinical and commercial organization to support Samsara Vision’s SING IMT™ (Smaller-Incision New-Generation Implantable Miniature Telescope) in mainland China, Macau, the Hanain Province, and Hong Kong.

MyVision will execute the clinical program necessary for regulatory approval, commercialize the SING IMT™, coordinate reimbursement, and drive sales, marketing, and customer relationships.

“As a company, we recognize that our success lies in tailoring our strategies to meet the needs of local health care professionals and their patients, which is why we believe that our collaboration with MyVision is so momentous,” said Tom Ruggia, Chief Executive Officer of Samsara Vision. “Our goal is to leave no one behind in being able to access our novel technology to treat a disease that slowly robs people of vision, which is so important to their lives. We look forward to working closely with MyVision in China.”

MyVision will be responsible for securing market approvals for the SING IMT™ in mainland China, Macau, and the Hainan Province. In Hong Kong, the device already has a CE mark. MyVision will also contribute to Samsara Vision’s global strategic team, providing context on the patient and physician voice in Asia.

“With this collaboration with Samsara Vision, MyVision will leverage its successful experiences and deep understanding of the Chinese market for the potential commercialization of SING IMT™ in mainland China, Macau, the Hanain Province, and Hong Kong,” said Jack Zhang, CEO of MyVision. “With AMD being one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide, it is urgent to provide a medical solution to patients in desperate need. The introduction of SING IMT™ brings new hope to Chinese late-stage AMD patients.”

Worldwide, AMD is the is the leading cause of blindness in people 55 and older in developed countries. Studies estimate that there are more than 26 million people living in China with any form of AMD and, of those, nearly 6 million progressed to late-stage AMD, meaning a person has irreversible central vision loss in both eyes. Of those, Samsara Vision estimates that 1.3 million people may be candidates for the SING IMT™. Due to the aging population, it is estimated that the prevalence of AMD in China will increase to more than 55 million people by 2050.

“This collaboration has the potential to bring an important innovation to late-stage AMD patients in China. We look forward to ophthalmologists in China having the option to offer this technology to their patients in the future,” said Tracy M. Valorie, a member of the Samsara Vision Board of Directors. “Samsara Vision is committed to serving patients globally. By collaborating to bring SING IMT™ to China while simultaneously advancing the U.S. Clinical program and European commercial launch, Samsara Vision continues to progress on that promise.”

Lansheng Medical (“MyVision”)

Lansheng Medical “MyVision” has been deeply involved in the ophthalmic industry for over a ten years, specializing in the commercialization of innovative ophthalmic medical devices for the greater China market. Our professional registration team and clinical medical team understand the value of bringing novel and medically important devices to the people of China. With the strong sales network and channel resources, the company has served more than 1,000 public and private hospitals in China, cooperated with more than 1,200 ophthalmologists, and built a professional ophthalmic product sales network covering Mainland China, Hong Kong, the Hainan Province, and Macao.

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