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Spartan Medical Announces Partnership with Altapure to Provide Fully Integrated High-Level Disinfectant System

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October 14, 2020

Spartan Medical Inc., a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business founded in 2008, has announced a partnership with Altapure, LLC, a manufacturer of innovative products, to bring its AP-4 High-level Disinfection-System (HLDS) to the national market.

Spartan Medical notes this critically needed, advanced-ultrasonic-technology ensures that all healthcare and long-term care facilities, schools, universities, cruise lines, etc, can provide the cleanest/safest environment to our fellow Americans.

Spartan’s team passionately believes now is the time to provide the AP–4 Medical HLD System, Altapure’s first fully integrated High-Level Disinfection system, to reproducibly eliminate all bacteria, spores and viruses in a treated space. The AP–4 is a single mobile unit platform, containing a combined submicron aerosol output device, and environmental air re-processor system with data feedback.

Altapure is the market leader in total surface disinfection with an automated process, that is safe for electronics, and other complex medical equipment; the process’s agent is organic, biodegradable, food safe, and leaves zero residue. Altapure’s PAA agent is an EPA registered cold sterilant, bactericide, fungicide, virucide and sporicide; this unique technology is backed by real science, and is unmatched by anything available to date. In short, there has not yet been a pathogen that can survive the disinfection cycle, making the implementation of this state-of-the-art solution paramount during COVID-19 and beyond.

As Americans continue to press forward, and navigate the precarious environment that has become our new normal, it is imperative that we do everything in our power to mitigate all unnecessary risks. The Altapure system is easily operated by 1 person, and many facilities have 1 person running 2-3 machines at a time. The AP-4 is mobile, fast, easy to use, safe, and most of all, effective, exceeding the EPA’s performance disinfection definition. Further, in collaboration with NASA, Altapure has shown efficacy in the sterilization of PPE with the ‘peracetic acid technology.

Spartan Medical’s Founder and President, Vince Proffitt, is a 1999 Air Force Academy Graduate who served 5-years active duty as a USAF Intelligence Officer. Mr. Proffitt recently stated, “It’s our Spartan team’s distinct honor and privilege to partner with Altapure, and lead the way in the fight against COVID-19, and beyond. Together with Altapure, our joint mission is to ensure our customers are armed with every weapon commercially available to keep our brothers and sisters as safe as possible, while quickly maximizing innovation and safety to take the fight of our generation to COVID-19!”

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