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Tuesday, July 5, 2022



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Steven J Cyr MD, a Top Surgeon & Bestselling Author Glenn Plaskin Release Riveting Book Exposing How America’s Broken Health System Hurts Both Patients and Physicians: ‘Cutthroat’

Steven J Cyr MD, former chief of spine surgery for the US Air Force and consultant to the USAF Surgeon General, alongside New York Times best-selling author Glenn Plaskin, today released his debut book, Cutthroat: A Surgeon’s Fight against Big Government, Corrupt Businessmen, and a Broken Healthcare System.


Dr Stephen J Cyr
Steven J Cyr MD Author of ‘Cutthroat’


Amid a news cycle filled with stories of problems in the American medical system, healthcare reform, and doctors becoming part of the Great Resignation comes a unique perspective from a physician who has lived through it all. Pulling back the curtain on a misunderstood profession, Cutthroat provides an insider’s look at the battles that doctors fight for their patients and their practices, and exposes the complex financial, legal, and regulatory pressures faced by physicians who enter the business world.

When Dr. Steven J. Cyr opened his medical practice, his focus was on providing the best care for patients, improving spine surgery results, and running an ethical business. He soon discovered that just because you play by the rules, it doesn’t mean everyone else will. Despite following the law to the letter, Dr. Cyr was descended upon by cutthroat businessmen, jealous colleagues, federal agents, and ambitious lawyers. A barrage of legal attacks and false claims culminated in him being targeted for federal indictment. Only through a steadfast faith in doing what’s right was he able to find the strength to overcome the forces aligned against him.

Cutthroat recounts Dr. Cyr’s story and shares his thoughts on the multibillion-dollar business of medicine. In America, doctors are often portrayed as opportunistic millionaires who prey on patients and drive-up costs but, from Dr. Cyr’s perspective, both patients and physicians are victims of the same system designed to increase profits for insurance companies, businessmen, and Big Government. Drawing from his personal and professional experiences, Cutthroat provides a wake-up call for the healthcare industry, and a better vision for the future.

Steven J. Cyr, MD, is the chief medical officer for SASpine and CYRx MD Cosmetic Surgery. He is a Mayo Clinic–trained, board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon, and has been named a Top Spine and Orthopedic Surgeon by numerous organizations.

Cutthroat is on sale now from Amplify Publishing and other major retailers. Learn more at

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