Swedes Are More Positive Towards Covid Vaccination According to a New Survey

February 2, 2021

Survey shows Swedes are more positive toward receiving the Covid vaccination while only 14 percent of Swedes say that they have doubts and want to wait or absolutely do not want to be vaccinated.

revious studies have shown a vaccination resistance of 20 to 25 percent of the Swedish population. Now it has decreased to 14 percent of the population who say they absolutely do not want to be vaccinated (five percent) or have doubts and want to wait (nine percent).

”The new mutations are considerably more contagious and seem to affect even younger persons,” said FRISQ’s CEO George Thaw. “This has caused many ‘anti-vaxxers’ to change their minds. Also, vaccination programs have started to roll out with no negative side effects reported.”

FRISQ’s survey is the largest survey conducted in this topic with 2,010 respondents (other 1000-1500). The survey was conducted by the digital care company FRISQ

at the turn of the month January / February.

Slightly more women than men are opposed to vaccination and they are mainly afraid of side effects of the vaccine. Younger Swedes are significantly more opposed to getting vaccinated than older people: in the age range 18–24, 16 percent say they do not want to be vaccinated, while only seven percent of Swedes in the age group 75–85 say no or want to wait.

Concern about side effects is stated by most vaccination opponents as the reason why they do not want to be vaccinated – 55 percent of vaccination opponents say that this is the reason. 22 percent of vaccination opponents say they are generally suspicious of vaccinations. Five percent of opponents state that they do not need a vaccine because they have already had covid. Ten percent of vaccination opponents state that they are “not afraid” of getting covid, while seven percent wait until Sweden has reached herd immunity because then they do not need to be vaccinated.

71 percent of those surveyed say that they will absolutely or probably get vaccinated against covid-19, or that they have already done so. A fairly large group, 15 percent, state that they have not yet made up their minds.

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