Heart Transplant

Black Men May Be Less Likely to Receive a Heart Transplant than White Men, Women | According to JAMA Published Study

“Since the algorithm for matching patients with donors is changing across for all organs, this was a prime time to better understand whether transplant team decisions to accept a donated organ varied by patient race and gender,” she said. “We wanted to understand how the process of receiving a transplant after listing varied by race and gender, and the combination of the two, so that steps can be taken to make that process more equitable," said Khadijah Breathett, MD.
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ExpressionEdits Raises $13M in Seed Funding to Advance Protein Expression Using AI-Driven Intronization Technology

The funding will accelerate candidate selection for preclinical studies and develop a pipeline of protein-based therapeutics. The primary focus for the pipeline will be recombinant proteins that have historically faced production and manufacturing challenges based on current technology notes ExpressionEdits.
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