Techsomed Announces Field Evaluation of its Image Guided Ablation Therapy Software Using GE HealthCare LOGIQ™ Ultrasound Systems at Top US Clinical Sites

BioTrace.IO - AI-based Image Guided Ablation Therapy Platform

Techsomed Ltd., the developer of BioTrace, an AI powered software platform for real time ablation zone imaging and treatment precision enhancement, announced today a field evaluation of its BioTraceIO360 software with GE HealthCare LOGIQ™ E10 Series ultrasound imaging technology. The evaluation is intended to introduce an automated visualization and control solution for liver ablation procedures.

Thermal ablation is a minimally invasive therapy to treat liver tumors. However, its true potential is hindered due to limited visualization throughout the procedure, leading to a major gap between planned treatment and actual outcomes. This gap may subsequently cause unnecessary risks to patients, either in the damage of healthy tissue or incomplete tumor cell destruction, associated with local tumor recurrence rates.

Techsomed’s BioTrace platform, currently in advanced clinical evaluation, is a significant advancement in Image Guided Ablation Therapy. The technology leverages standard imaging—such as ultrasound (US) along with computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The BioTrace platform is designed to provide visualization of the full extent of the ablation zone in real-time together with smart, personalized treatment planning and assessment tools, allowing physicians to provide their patients with optimized care.

“By combining the outstanding image quality of the LOGIQ™ E10 with our BioTrace generative AI capabilities for personalized treatment and real time ablation zone visualization, we aim to offer a new level of treatment optimization and precision for the benefit of both patients and physicians.  We are very excited for this opportunity as this initiative marks a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing patient care and driving scientific progress in the ablation market worldwide.” said Yossi Abu, CEO of TechsoMed.