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The Best Hospitals for Lung Cancer Treatment


Lung cancer is one of the deadliest and most dangerous oncology types. More than 2.2 million new cases are diagnosed worldwide every year. The situation is aggravated by the emergence of new viruses and the adherence to harmful habits of a significant part of the world’s population. In addition, men get sick several times more often than women, and there is a clear age dependence: people aged 60 get sick more often.

The insidiousness of lung cancer is that it may not show any signs for a long time. Often, symptoms appear already at an advanced stage.

Faced with a terrible diagnosis, a person realizes he is the master of his health. You can spend all your savings on treatment in the United States. Or go to India or Eastern European countries.

TOP 8 best lung cancer hospitals worldwide

In many countries, lung cancer hospitals offer therapy programs for medical tourists. Switzerland, Germany, and Israel are in great demand among patients abroad. In recent years, lung cancer treatment has become popular in Turkey and Asian countries – South Korea and Thailand. The best hospitals to treat lung cancer:

  • Teknon Medical Center, Barcelona, Spain;
  • Salem Cancer Center, Bern, Switzerland;
  • Daegu Fatima Hospital, Daegu, South Korea;
  • Curie Cancer Institute, Paris, France;
  • Hadassah University Medical Centre, Jerusalem, Israel;
  • Ichilov Sourasky Medical Centre, Tel Aviv, Israel;
  • Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand;
  • Fuda Hospital, Guangzhou, China.

Many medical tourists from the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, the Middle East, and Australia prefer medical treatment in Germany.

Features of lung cancer treatment in Germany

Lung cancer treatment in Germany is rightfully considered one of the best. The reason is not only in the latest equipment of hospitals and highly qualified doctors but also in an integrated approach that considers all the needs of patients. Most operations, medicines, and laboratory diagnostic tools in Germany are 2-4 times cheaper than in the United States. At the same time, they are not inferior in efficiency and safety.

The lung cancer therapy success largely depends on the timeliness of seeking help. Doctors can detect minor malignant tumors in German diagnostic and treatment centers.

After diagnostics, the method of getting rid of lung cancer is selected individually. Most often, the tumor is removed using minimally invasive techniques. To reduce the size of the neoplasm, German specialists perform chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Innovative lung cancer treatment methods

Doctors use the latest tools and advanced techniques to treat lung cancer:

  • Surgery. Over the past 15 years, the vast majority of surgical operations (over 95%) have been minimally invasive. For example, a lung tumor is removed through a small incision in the chest.
  • GammaKnife is an installation for radiation therapy. The radiologist irradiates cancer as accurately as possible without harming healthy tissues.
  • Proton therapy. The treatment can direct up to 80% of radiation precisely to a malignant neoplasm. With this method, the load on the body is reduced by 65%, the risk of heart damage is eliminated, and the number of complications is reduced.
  • VATS (video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery). Doctors remove the tumor through 1-2 incisions up to 2 cm. Surgeons monitor the process — this increases the accuracy of the procedure. One of the advantages is preserving the integrity of the edges.
  • Photodynamic therapy. A photosensitive substance, the so-called photosensitizer, is injected into the patient’s body. It is a neutral substance that accumulates in the tumor. Then lung cancer with a photosensitizer is subjected to targeted laser exposure. At the same time, the neutral substance activates and destroys cancer cells. Significantly, healthy cells do not suffer in any way.
  • Targeted therapy. Medications act only on tumor cells since they interact with specific receptors and, at the same time, do not affect the body’s healthy tissues. Treating lung cancer in hospitals in Germany involves a personalized selection of such drugs, taking into account the genetic characteristics of the neoplasm. Targeted drugs are an effective replacement for classical chemotherapy.

The best cancer hospitals in Germany

There are 57 cancer centers in Germany, not counting medical institutions specializing in treating certain tumors.

In the ranking below, each of the best hospitals for lung cancer treatment in Germany has notable achievements and unique specialists who have made significant discoveries:

  • University Hospital Charite, Berlin;
  • Beta Clinic, Bonn;
  • Hospital of Goethe-University, Frankfurt-am-Main;
  • University Hospital Ludwig-Maximilians, Munich;
  • University Hospital rechts der Isar, Munich;
  • Vivantes Hospital, Berlin;
  • Oncological and Haematological Praxis Clinic, Bonn;
  • Helios Hospital, Krefeld;
  • Nordwest Hospital, Frankfurt-am-Main;
  • University Hospital, Marburg.

Advantages of medical tourism for lung cancer treatment in Germany

Hospitals to go to for lung cancer treatment

The following facts speak in favor of applying to best hospitals germany:

  • high level of medical care that meets all international standards;
  • recent discoveries in lung cancer treatment;
  • modern diagnostic methods, the possibility of participation in experimental programs;
  • wide range of therapeutic activities;
  • high level of patient comfort.

Currently, there is a continuous search for funds that can finally defeat lung cancer. Research is being conducted in several areas at once – the genetics of lung cancer, early diagnosis, gentle methods of treating at all stages, and prevention. All the latest techniques are put into practice in the shortest possible time. Thus, the minimum time passes between the discovery of a progressive remedy and its use for the benefit of patients.

That is one of the main reasons why an increasing number of people choose lung cancer treatment in Germany. The specialists of AiroMedical will choose for you precisely the clinic that specializes in your problem, will help you not to miss precious time, and with it, the chances of a successful cure.


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