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Thursday, June 8, 2023



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Times Microwave Systems Introduces Bundled, Multiport Cable Assemblies for 5G

Times Microwave Systems, the preeminent brand in innovative RF and microwave interconnect assemblies, cables, and connectors, introduced its TMQ4™ and TMQ5™ bundled cable assemblies for 5G.

These new solutions combine industry-standard four and five conductor MQ4 and MQ5 connectors with Times Microwave’s high-end coaxial cables. It solves the challenges associated with the ever-increasing number of RF inputs required by the MIMO antennas commonly used to accomplish the densification needs of 5G networks.

The increasing demand for high coverage MIMO antennas used in 5G applications has led to substantial growth in RF ports. Furthermore, 5G antennas are shrinking as higher frequency bands need to accommodate larger bandwidth requirements, translating into more antennas in a smaller space. This densification creates numerous challenges related to installation, torquing, ensuring proper weather sealing and more.

The TMQ4 and TMQ5 bundled coaxial cable solution design dramatically reduce the number of individual connections hooked up while creating a more rugged solution. It checks off all the boxes in terms of antenna port densification, saving a lot of labor with quick and easy fool-proof installation. These harnesses are available with Weather Protection Boots to seal them to IP-67 specification. They also feature excellent UV resistance, adding to the assembly’s durability for long-term performance.

Available with Times Microwave’s industry-leading LMR® cables and low PIM options like the SPO and TFT-5G, these bundled solutions are 0.25″ and smaller. They are also available in several other constructions, including corrugated copper outer sheaths and ultra-flexible flat braid constructions.

Extruded polyethylene fillers create a round cable for optimal weather sealing and clamping, finished with one of several jacket material options for the most demanding applications. The TMQ4 and TMQ5 cluster connectors are also keyed with a color code on the outer coupling nut to make engagement quick and easy. In addition to the male-to-male bundled harness, the female bulkhead connector is also available as a finished assembly ready to be installed into the box and engaged with the printed circuit board.

“The TMQ4 and TMQ5 bundled cables not only improve aesthetics but also reduce labor cost and offer a more rugged solution with better UV resistance and weatherproofing,” said Kevin Moyher, Product Manager at Times Microwave. “Times has a long history of building quality cables and connectors, along with the expertise, processes, techniques, and materials to create custom solutions that solve the specific needs of our customers, and the new TMQ4 and TMQ5 solution is a strong example of that innovation.” A simple and smart part number system, detailed on Times’ new brochure, makes quoting, ordering, and manufacturing easy. All assemblies are made to order and are available as soon as three weeks.

In-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable Times Microwave to deliver RF products that meet the most demanding requirements, including customized product design, installation, regulatory compliance, and performance improvement solutions. Most importantly, as a manufacturer with fully integrated design, production, assembly, and testing capabilities, Times Microwave can deliver RF interconnect solutions from conception through testing and production.

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