12 Ways To Prepare Yourself Before A LASIK Eye Treatment

Blurry vision is a hassle for anyone, especially if you’re not used to wearing graded eyeglasses or contact lenses. Additionally, people with poor eyesight sometimes struggle with wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses because they need to go to an ophthalmologist regularly to get their eyes checked.

As time goes by, besides wearing prescribed eyeglasses or contact lenses, experts have developed an effective surgery that changed the game for people who have high eye grades. This surgery is called the Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileuses (LASIK) Eye Treatment, which cuts and corrects the shape of your cornea for clearer vision.

Suppose you don’t want to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses anymore because you don’t have the time for check-ups and other maintenance. In that case, you can avail the LASIK eye treatment.

However, there cannot be a more crucial point to remember than getting ready for your LASIK surgery. Every clinic or surgeon may be different in terms of strategies. Still, they’re all the same in the fact that the process includes investigating your eyes thoroughly and making sure that you’re physically and mentally fit for it.

To make sure you’re up for it, check out these 12 ways to prepare yourself before a LASIK eye treatment:

  1. Know And Ask Questions To Your Prospect Eye Clinic

It’s best to know and ask questions from your prospective eye clinic before proceeding to your LASIK eye surgery. Questions before the procedure may give you more ideas on how the clinic processes and what things aren’t allowed before, during, and after the surgery. Institutions like Motwani LASIK Institute can accommodate your questions if you only have a little background regarding the treatment.

Furthermore, it’s also a wise decision to know the duration time on how long the treatment will be or see if it’s going to be painful when you’re already in the process. Befriending the staff or the doctor that will treat your eyes is also a good idea to be comfortable around them.

  1. Finalize Your Decision With LASIK Eye Surgery

Institutions Like Motwani Lasik Institute Can Accommodate Your Questions If You Only Have A Little Background Regarding The Treatment.Before proceeding to the actual surgery, you should finalize and make a decision that you’re sure of the significant change that you’re going to make. Since there are many ways to improve your eyesight, you can still learn about the others if you find one suitable for you.

However, if you’re already sure about the treatment, you can gracefully proceed to it and book an appointment at your trusted clinic already. Suppose you’re done with wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. In that case, LASIK eye surgery may be the best option for you since it’s a one-time procedure for most patients.

  1. Look For A Friend Or Family Member That Can Accompany You

You may want to look for a friend or family member that can look after your surgery because your vision may appear blurry at first after the treatment. You should have someone to accompany you to prevent accidents while you’re going home. Moreover, you may also need someone who can drive for you to avoid road accidents if you’re driving.

Since the LASIK eye treatment adjusts your vision, you can talk to someone you know before the surgery so that they may look out for you after you’re done with the treatment. They can even check on you when you’re in the actual process of the surgery.

  1. Stop Wearing Contact Lenses One Week Before Your Eye Treatment

If you’re an avid user of contact lenses, it’s best to stop using them a week before your surgery. Wearing contacts may change your cornea’s shape, and your doctor or surgeon may have difficulty determining your eye condition.

Moreover, not wearing contact lenses can make your eye go back to its regular shape and help your surgeon accurately evaluate your vision. This way, you’re already preparing yourself for a safe and smooth LASIK eye treatment that will add more success to the procedure. You can also wear your eyeglasses in the meantime to prepare you for the treatment.

  1. Drink Plenty Of Water Before The Eye Treatment And Do Not Drink Caffeine Or Alcohol

The LASIK eye treatment can temporarily make your eyes dry during surgery. You can avoid drying your eyes if you’re consistently drinking plenty of water days before the actual procedure. Furthermore, it’s also best to avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol before your surgery because you may feel dehydrated and can make everything worse during the surgery.

Alcohol and caffeine can also make you feel uneasy or challenging to focus. Additionally, your surgeon will use sedatives so that you will feel less pain during the surgery, and you may also encounter palpitations when you’ve drunk caffeine before the surgery.

  1. Wear Loose Clothes Before The Treatment And Avoid Wearing Make-Up

Loose clothes can help you be more comfortable during the surgery and avoid getting your eyes irritated after. You should avoid using fitted clothes during the surgery so that you have an option not to change your clothes later.

Moreover, you should also avoid wearing makeup to avoid irritation. The chemicals in your makeup will not go into your eye during the surgery. To avoid inconveniences, it’s wise that you shouldn’t wear any cosmetics to prevent possible eye infections too.

  1. Eat Properly And Prepare Your Meals Before Your Eye Treatment

It’s recommended that your body is already in a proper state during the surgery because it’s hard to wait and undergo the LASIK eye treatment if your stomach is empty. Moreover, it would be best to prepare ready-to-eat meals before the procedure to avoid making a mess after your treatment.

It can be challenging to prepare food for yourself or your family if your vision is blurry. You may also encounter unwanted injuries when you’ve tried cooking right after your surgery.

  1. Request For A Few Days-Off From Your Company

Whether you’re working on-site or have a work-from-home set-up, it’s wise to request a few days off from work to avoid eye injury or any complications right after your treatment. It’s best to take care of your current eye condition first before doing your job again. For instance, there may be risks after the surgery, like a speck of dirt entering your eye, which can irritate you.

Instead of resting, the result of immediately going back to work may only cause complications. Hence, you can explain to your bosses that you have just undergone eye surgery, which can affect your work performance too.

  1. Prepare The Things That You Need

If you have insurance way before your LASIK eye treatment, it’s wise to prepare it. There may be unwarranted inconveniences during the surgery, and this may help you be more secure in your procedure since unexpected expenses already cover you.

You can also prepare for extra non-graded eyeglasses or sunglasses. Your doctor may recommend you use them after the treatment and avoid eye strain. Moreover, there may be prescribed glasses from your ophthalmologist. You don’t need to worry about the requirements for your eyewear.

  1. Physically and Mentally Prepare Yourself

Besides being prepared physically, you also have to prepare yourself mentally because you’ll be undergoing surgery where you’ll be awake and see everything going on during the process.

Moreover, you should also mentally prepare yourself for the process if you’re not that used to getting surgeries. It will also be great if you’re confident enough during the process to avoid pauses and minor inconveniences on your side and for the staff of the clinic.

  1. Get Enough Sleep For Your Eye Treatment And State Your Eye History Truthfully

You can avoid irritation and being sleepy during your LASIK eye treatment if you get enough sleep days before your schedule. This way, your energy will be balanced throughout the surgery and strengthen your body condition while your eye shape is being corrected.

Additionally, you should also state your eye history so that your surgeon will have accurate assessments of your eyes. These can also help them determine how to proceed with the LASIK eye treatment.

  1. Buy Eye Drop Protection For Your LASIK Eye Treatment

Expect your eyes to get dry during the surgery despite drinking a lot of water before the procedure. This is why buying eye drops can help your surgeon lubricate your eyes so that your LASIK will be smooth and accurately done.

Furthermore, eye drops are advantageous because they can avoid irritation and deliver healing when a cornea has trauma or scratches. It may just be a drop to your eyes, but it can work wonders.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Questions And Manage Yourself After Your LASIK Surgery

The best thing you can do for yourself is to ask your clinic or surgeon many questions, whether it’s a small detail or not. This is because your eyesight is in hand here. This surgery can be a big deal if it isn’t done correctly, and your vision will indeed be affected.

Furthermore, you should do your part to follow your surgeon’s instructions after the surgery to avoid complications and different injuries that can happen to your eyes. It would be best if you were not shy or scared to ask follow-up questions because this is for your good.


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