2 Ways to Enjoy Improved Physical Health During Adulthood

In early adulthood, several different changes occur as a person begins their journey into the world of adult life. As well as the physiological changes that take place during this period, there are significant changes to how a person interacts with the world and the roles and responsibilities that will be expected of them in adulthood.

After completing formal education, a young adult will seek to secure a meaningful career path that can provide suitable levels of income over the working years. Ideally, career development will take place and promotions will be gained in the workplace that support the ability to gain a foothold on the housing ladder and consider starting a family.

Throughout an adult’s life, there is a need to maintain the optimum levels of physical health. This can ensure that a long and productive career can be enjoyed and the risk of developing chronic health problems in later life can be minimized. In this article, two ways will be discussed that serve to improve physical health throughout adulthood.

1.   Choose the right employer

Increasingly, the links between finding a suitable form of employment and related health benefits are becoming apparent. It is estimated that 83% of Americans suffer from stress in the workplace. Prolonged periods of stress can cause a wide range of health conditions, from hypertension to an elevated risk of stroke. It is therefore vital to find a job that benefits from a positive working culture and an employer that considers the health needs of its staff. Ideally, it is wise to choose an employer that offers customizable benefit options to its staff as part of its overall healthcare plan. These healthcare benefits packages should include access to specialist healthcare providers (such as vision, dental and hearing services) in addition to more standard healthcare options such as medical insurance. A comprehensive employee healthcare package will help to ensure that workers stay fit and well during their careers. Such packages can also aid the early identification and diagnosis of health conditions that have the potential to become chronic in nature. This will help to ensure that treatments can be put in place to limit, manage or eradicate the effects of certain health problems.

2.   Enjoy a healthy diet

Healthy Diet

Whilst most adults are aware of the numerous health benefits of adhering to a healthy diet, it is surprising to note that most people do not follow healthy eating habits and guidelines. Recent statistics indicate that 90% of Americans have a poor diet that is not nutritionally complete or is high in levels of saturated fat, which can contribute to increased cholesterol and a greater risk of heart disease. However, it is remarkably easy to make the transition from unhealthy eating habits to a balanced diet. A key way to achieve this is to cook meals from fresh and use high-quality ingredients that satisfy key nutritional requirements. Processed foods and ready meals typically contain higher levels of saturated fats, preservatives, salt and artificial additives than freshly prepared meals. Create a daily routine of cooking evening meals from fresh and preparing healthy snacks for a working day lunch. Click here for more information on how to cook from fresh and create healthy meals that support the body’s immune system and help to adhere to a calorie-controlled diet.




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