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In this article, we’ll examine the advantages of postgraduate education for nurses so that you can decide whether it’s the right path to take for your career.
University of Phoenix College of Nursing incorporates diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) into its core values and curriculum, aligning with the broader university initiatives. The selected abstract delves into the challenges and triumphs encountered on the journey to inclusivity in nursing education, shedding light on the dynamic intersection of policy evolution and fostering diversity within the nursing profession.
The vet nurse salaries in Australia can vary based on several factors, including geographical location, experience, and the specific demands of the job. Staying abreast of these trends helps veterinary nurses in Australia make informed decisions about their career paths and potential earnings.

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2021 University of Washington Queen Silvia Nursing Award Now Open for Submission Until 1 November

Swedish Care International, the founding partner of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award, today announced a call for entries for its 2021 University of Washington Queen Silvia Nursing Award, the global contest to honor the nursing profession supported by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden.

Winners will receive a scholarship of 6,000 euros and a tailor-made internship from partners associated with the program.

Established in 2012, the Queen Silvia Nursing Award was a birthday gift to Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden, who has had a long-standing association with dementia and elderly care since the 1990s when her mother was diagnosed with dementia. The award’s mission is to promote and nurture positive change, growth, innovation and excellence in the field of nursing, geriatric nursing in particular.

“We are currently facing critical global nursing shortages,” Sophie Lu-Axelsson, CEO of Swedish Care International, said. “Whether you are walking into a neighborhood clinic or making your way into an urban emergency room, nursing shortages will impact us all. The Queen Silvia Nursing Award aims to address this challenge — not only by highlighting the importance of nursing leadership and creativity, but by motivating nurses to channel their talents into older-person and dementia care.”

Nurses and nursing students in Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, the United States (through the University of Washington) and Brazil are all eligible to apply for the award. Applicants must submit an idea, concept or solution focused on improving patient care for the elderly and older people living with dementia. For each country, the Queen Silvia Nursing Award rewards the best ideas with a 6,000-euro scholarship, custom-learning programs, industry exposure and networking opportunities.

The deadline for submission is Nov. 1, 2021. All international winners will be announced on Dec. 23, 2021, Her Majesty’s birthday. The grand ceremony arrangements are traditionally arranged the following spring with all winners and partners invited to the Royal Palace in Stockholm to receive their diplomas from Her Majesty Queen Silvia.

“At the Queen Silvia Nursing Award, we view nurses as the original health care innovators and problem-solvers,” Lu-Axelsson said. “Oftentimes, despite limited time and resources, nurses manage to find creative ways to make things work, while seldom receiving the recognition they deserve. We are committed to acknowledging nursing impact by elevating the voices of nurses and providing them with learning opportunities not usually reserved for the profession.”

For more details on the 2021 Queen Silvia Nursing Award and how to apply, please visit here.

About The Queen Silvia Nursing Award

Introduced in 2012, the Queen Silvia Nursing Award’s objective is to address the biggest challenges in health care — the aging population and the need for quality geriatric and dementia nursing.

Every year, the Queen Silvia Nursing Award recognizes nursing talents and their ideas while building and promoting competence in professional nursing. By offering this unprecedented scholarship and learning opportunities, new realms of possibilities become available for future generations of nurses.

The scholarship is made possible in Sweden and Finland by founding organizations Swedish Care International and Forum for Elderly Care and main country partners University of Washington School of Nursing, Medicover Foundation of Poland, St. Anna-Stift Kroge of Germany, Addere Care of Lithuania and ViBe Saúde of Brazil.

To learn more about the Queen Silvia Nursing Award, please visit:

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