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4 Natural Fat Burners That Work

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Losing excess pounds for some people is more challenging for a combination of reasons. While some people have good intentions, determination, and willpower, it is not always enough. This is not to mention, that everyone’s biology is not favorable for quick and easy weight loss. This is where natural fat burners come into play.

The World Health Organization “WHO” has classified obesity as a global “epidemic.” The organization reported approximately 2.8 deaths each year globally are linked to obesity and overweight complications. In the past, obesity was more prominent in high-income countries. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case as low- and middle-income countries are reporting a high number of obesity cases.

Launch Of Obesity Public Awareness Campaigns

As more government and non-government obesity campaigns are laughed, global awareness is becoming more apparent. People who classify as obese or overweight are changing their stance on health.

As mentioned above, losing weight for some people is extremely challenging. Some members of the medical community believe the problem might be associated with the body’s response to weight loss. The key to losing weight is an increased metabolic rate. Some people can persistently maintain a higher-than-normal metabolic rate, making weight loss easier. Other people can only temporarily maintain an increased metabolic rate.

Research By Jpost has revealed the top five natural fat burners. These nutritional supplements have proven to help speed up the weight loss process in people who normally struggle.

A fat burner utilizes a combination of ingredients to boost metabolic stimulation, energy, and lipolysis, the process of breaking down adipose (fat) stored in cells.

  1. Zotrim

Health Nutrition Limited has discovered a formula that provides the necessities for speedier weight loss. The patented formula is comprised of natural ingredients:

  • Caffeine
  • Yerba mate extract
  • Vitamin B3
  • Damiana extract
  • Guarana extract
  • Vitamin B6

All the ingredients derive from quality, natural sources to ensure the highest level of purity, effectiveness, and safety. Health Nutrition Limited has invested years of research into its patented fat burner formula.

Appetite Suppressant

Weight is challenging for some people because they cannot reframe from snacking and overeating. A strict diet of 1,500 calories is recommended for healthy people. Consuming more than the allotted caloric intake can be problematic for anyone on a diet. Why do dieters eat more than the allotted 1,500 calories? When the hunger pains kick in, they are difficult to ignore, which is where Zotrim comes into play.

Damiana acts as an appetite suppressant to ensure users can go longer without eating.

Metabolism Enhancer

  • As mentioned above, the key to weight loss is an increased metabolic rate. Zotrim utilizes a natural substance known as guarana to enhance metabolism. The results are guaranteed to be quicker, but healthy weight loss.


  • All-natural formula
  • Combats hunger cravings
  • Weight loss claims supported by extensive research


  • High calcium content may raise blood pressure levels
  1. Instant Knockout
Instant Knockout Cut
Instant Knockout Cut

Instant Knockout is a well-known fat burner among professional athletes. Some of the toughest guys in the MMA industry have reportedly utilized the supplement for weight management.

Roar Ambition Ltd claims to have invested substantial resources into its Instant Knockout formula. The nutrition supplement targets men but is safe for women as well. Many users reported a successful weight loss experience when combining Instant Knockout with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Instant Knockout acts as a fat burner and lean muscle builder. When taking the supplement, it is like getting two for one. Instead of having two separate supplements, one for weight loss and another for building lean muscles, you only need Instant Knockout.

Energy Booster

A common complaint voiced by athletic dieters is fatigue. What is the first thing that comes to mind when the fatigue kicks in during a workout? Food because it is the quickest way to combat weakness and fatigue.

With Instant Knockout, users can maintain energy levels that allow them to power through strenuous activities. The supplement utilizes natural green tea extract to enhance energy levels without eating.

Insulin Sensitivity Enhancer

Altering the body’s response to insulin has proven to be a valuable resource for people who are trying to lose weight. Instant Knock utilizes capsaicin from natural cayenne pepper seeds to enhance insulin sensitivity.


  • Safely speeds up weight loss
  • Idea for male athletes
  • Formula doesn’t include artificial flavors or sweeteners


  • High caffeine content may increase blood pressure
  1. Burn Lab Pro

When it comes to weight loss supplements, it is hard to find a supplement as talked about as Burn Lab Pro. That could be because it is one of the most successful weight loss supplements available today. Want to find out why this is the case?

Manufactured by premium supplement manufacturer Opti-Nutra, Burn Lab Pro is one of the first caffeine-free fat-burning supplements that work.

Preserves Healthy Muscle

Burn Lab Pro is specifically targeted to help burn more fat while considering muscle preservation with every workout. This is where a lot of today’s popular supplements fail. They only want to focus on burning calories but forget that burning fat and calories also means burning muscle.


  • Burn more fat without sacrificing muscle
  • Gluten and caffeine-free
  • Speeds muscle recovery


  • Some ingredients may be contraindicated with prescription medicine
  1. PhenQ

As far as dietary supplements are concerned today, there is no shortage of them. The only problem is that most of them simply aren’t up to their claims. Can the same be said about the popular PhenQ?

PhenQ is a unique dietary supplement given the fact that it boasts its claims by targeting moods and energy levels. Of course, it also has ingredients that work like fat suppressants and blocks fat production, but it is the mood elevation and burst of energy that gets the most recognition here.

Patented Weight Loss Formula

While Caffeine is an impressive ingredient alone, it couldn’t do what it does best without the assistance of the A-Lacys Reset. This patented formula is a mix of powerful antioxidants that suppress the appetite while also assisting with the limitation of food consumption.

Muscle Recovery Aid

Piperine is only one of today’s most popular weight loss ingredients, with anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to help fight against chronic health conditions. Chromium Picolinate is only the trace mineral responsible for the metabolic storage of fat and protein, but this is the very area that troubles people with obesity issues.


  • Packed with powerful ingredients
  • Includes a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Legal in the United States and other countries


  • Some ingredients are contraindicated in pregnant women



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