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4 Ways to Fight Anxiety with No Drugs

Anxiety can arise from many circumstances in our daily lives, such as missing the bus, job interviews, public speaking, meeting new people, to mention a few. However, situational anxiety does not last long. If you are always worried and scared about most situations, you sure have an anxiety disorder and need help. Fighting anxiety is no walk in the path, and you will have to be intentional about it to get better.  The best part is that you do not always need drugs to fight anxiety. Below are some of how you can get hold of your anxiety with no drugs.

Practice Mindfulness

It is human nature always to want to know what to expect and be certain about the future. Often, we are stuck obsessing over the future and fear that something may go wrong, resulting in anxiety. Practicing mindfulness refers to training your mind to focus on the present and not on the past or the future. Practicing mindfulness can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety. You can start by taking small talks like allocating 10 minutes a day and focusing on breathing and everything around you presently.

Say Bye to Caffeine

For most people, a cup of coffee is always the go-to whenever they want to feel better about their situation. However, if you are suffering from anxiety, you should know it is the best idea. Caffeine is known for boosting our energy levels, but it can raise your heart rates and induce anxiety under pressure. Coffee is also a stimulant, and when taken before bedtime, it will make you stay up and be buried in your thoughts, which results in anxiety. You do not have to cut it down all at once, but you can do it gradually by subtracting a cup a day from your routine.

 Consider Psychotherapy

Anxiety gives one the need to isolate themselves and not relate with others. That may have worked for you, but you need to understand that you need to seek help from a professional. Many therapies can treat anxiety, but many professionals swear by cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) as the best therapy for treating anxiety disorders. According to CBT therapists NYC, it is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that helps you identify feelings and thought patterns that bring negative emotions and deal with them. You just have to be committed to your weekly sessions and you will overcome it over time.

Get Moving

Exercising is one of the best ways to help you control your stress levels and help you overcome anxiety.  When you exercise, your body releases hormone serotine and endorphins, known as the happy hormones, which can help you feel more relaxed. Your brain can only focus on one emotion at a time, and when you are happy, the happy ones overlap the negative emotions. You do not have to go hard on the exercises if you are scared of post-exercise soreness. You can start with simple workouts like walking, swimming, riding a bicycle, and yoga, among others.

Final Remarks

If you are facing episodes of anxiety, it is essential to understand that you are not the only one. With life uncertainties, most people are facing anxiety. However, the good news is that the tips above are some of the ways to help you overcome anxiety with no medication.


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