5 Benefits Of Learning First Aid At Work

As a quote says, Safety isnt expensive; its priceless. Safety should be peoples priority wherever they are, especially at their workplace. According to statistics, 2.2 million people die at work across the globe every year due to illnesses and injuries.

Hence, learning first aid at work is ultimately one sure way to promote the safety of your employees and customers. It is an invaluable skill that can help you respond quickly and effectively to medical emergencies, such as accidents, heart attacks, or allergic reactions.

This article will cover five main benefits of learning first aid at work. From preparing your workplace for potential workplace emergencies to improving employee morale and productivity, there are many reasons why businesses need to invest in first aid training.

1. It Provides Immediate Response To Health And Safety Emergency

Heres how first aid skills work as an immediate response to an emergency:

It helps the victims before medical assistance arrives.
It provides a kit that includes essential items to treat injuries and prevent the situation from escalating.
It stabilizes accident victims.
It assists in maintaining the proper positioning of accident victims.
It gives support for more manageable and adequate breathing and resuscitation.

Did you know that there are about 10,000 cardiac arrest situations that happen at the place of work every year? But unfortunately, only 45% of U.S. employees have the opportunity to be trained. These results are based on the survey conducted by the American Heart Association.

The chance of survival may decrease by at least 10% if the patient experiences cardiac arrest without receiving CPR or if no defibrillator is used on them. Data illustrates a need for learning first aid at work. However, although there is training, employers dont usually offer both CPR and first aid.

In addition, here are some of the other statistics according to the HSE Health and Safety Statistics 2020/2021:

142 workers died at the workplace
0.4 million suffered a non-fatal injury
1.7 million reported cases of work-related illness

workplace first aid training is advantageous. It helps the employees to be more prepared during an emergency. If someone at work is injured, the coworkers are ready to initiate necessary action in performing medical assistance.  

For example, CPR. Are you aware that learning CPR skills have no minimum required age? All you need is enough body strength and the ability to perform appropriate chest compressions. Studies show that children ages nine years old can easily learn this procedure.

Aside from CPR, it would be best to learn that proper use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is crucial. This device can save lives by at least 30% or more for those who suffered cardiac arrest. When it is used immediately by the patient, the more effective it is.

2. It Offers Increased Patient Comfort

Slips, trips, and falls are common hazards that can lead to injuries. There are estimated 119,000 cases of these. In such ascenario, the workers can help to relieve pain and discomfort with proper first aid practices.

Doing first aid techniques requires calmness. Henceforth, first aiders can provide emotional support to the patient. Confidence and comfort are necessary when executing essential first-aid assistance.

If the first aiders show confidence and calmness, chances are the patient will also do the same. They will feel more secure and comfortable. This is because they can see and feel that the first aiders know the necessary actions when performing first aid.  

3. It Boosts Productivity

There are 150,000 employees sustaining injuries resulting from absence from work. This figure shows how injuries and diseases affect the overall productivity of an organization.

If the employees are well-trained when it comes to first aid treatment, this can minimize absenteeism and improve their morale. Aside from this, allowing the staff members to learn first aid means employers prioritize their employees’ development and safety. Courses and training will add other helpful information and skills for them to develop.

Hence, first aid basics help organizations to improve productivity. Furthermore, it will lessen the average working days lost. These are the results of minimizing the number of absences of the employees.

4. It Promotes A Positive Working Environment

First aid training encourages your members to care for one another. This training allows deeper connection and camaraderie among them. When implementing training, they can communicate with each other and thoroughly learn about themselves. When they feel connected, there is a greater tendency for practical cooperation in building a stronger relationship and healthy working environment. Thats why it is also considered one of the best team-building exercises.  

5. It Allows Further First Aid Kit Understanding

First aid requires knowledge and skills. First aiders should have a thorough understanding of a first aid kit. A first aid kit includes all medical supplies to help you address injuries and illnesses.

This kit has the following:

Elastic bandages (wrap)
Assorted sizes of strip bandage or butterfly bandages
Eye pad or shield
Large bandage (triangular in shape)
Cold or warm packs
Cotton swabs and cotton balls
Lubricants such as petroleum jelly and others
Various sizes of plastic bags
Safety pins (various sizes)
Tweezers or scissors
Alcohol, sanitizer or hand wash
Antibiotic in the form of ointment
Surgical face mask
Spoon, Cup and syringe
First-aid kit manual or instructions
Disinfectant such as hydrogen peroxide

For medications, it includes:

Solutions for burns, such as aloe vera gel
Medicinal lotion such as Calamine
Medications for anti-diarrhea
Medications for cold or cough
Pain relievers

When you learn first aid at work, it can also be beneficial for you when you are outside of your workplace. You will identify the essential medication supplies and their uses with proper training. If all the employees understand how the first aid kit works, they can save lives and lessen the risk of injuries and illnesses.


All the following benefits show how vital learning first aid at work is. Since hazards are everywhere, such as in the workplace, it is better to be more prepared. First aid training allows for increasing awareness. When learned, it will lower the risk of worsening injuries and illnesses. So, start learning first aid at your workplace and how to save someones life.

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