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5 Best Bodybuilding Programs with Workouts & Routines

Bodybuilding is a sure way to keep fit, from managing blood sugar and building stamina to strengthening bones and supporting joints. It will significantly improve your health and body, lift your mood, and improve your sleeping patterns. However, you must embrace high-quality bodybuilding programs for the ultimate results. The following are the top considerations.

German Volume Training

The German Volume Training program is popular among fitness enthusiasts who prefer intense exercise programs. It is central to building muscle mass and strength, developing lean body weight, and increasing bone density. You can check for more information.

This program entails many sets and repetitions, including short resting periods. It exerts stress on your muscles, encouraging muscle growth. However, depending on personal preferences, you can vary the exercises on different days.

Various benefits are associated with the German Volume Training program, mainly when done accordingly. Research indicates that GVT is effective in enhancing strength, lean body mass, and strength.

You can consider different exercises, including bent-over row, lat pulldown, barbell back squats, and barbell curls. Narrow grip bench presses are also worth considering. However, you must complement it with healthy eating. You should embrace healthy fats, protein intake, and carb-rich meals in such cases.

5 X 5 Bodybuilding Program

Suppose you want to gain a high amount of muscle mass and strength. In that case, the five-by-five program will be worth considering. This program entails compound barbell movements such as deadlifts and squats, often using heavy weights. Yet, unlike GVT, it requires lower repetitions per set. The number of repetitions per set is usually limited to five.

Various barbell movements suffice in this bodybuilding program. For instance, you could consider the barbell back squats, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, and row. You must combine at least three of these movements to achieve high-quality results in the long run. However, you only need to perform one deadlift in a set of five.

It would be best to customize a weekly five-by-five program to match your preferences. You will most likely have to categorize your workout into two repetitive modules. Yet, regardless of the program, ensure that you consider squatting before any other barbell exercise.

5/3/1 BBB Training Program

The 5/3/1 training program is structured as a powerlifting workout, whose central concept is to build strength through core barbell weightlifting exercises. These four weightlifting exercises include bench press, parallel squat, shoulder press/overhead pass, and deadlift. It works best in a three-week cycle where you must lift heavier weights for fewer reps in your main lifts.

This bodybuilding program ensures you can comfortably lift weights and beat personal lifting records. While the progress could take time, its results are steady and impactful on your bodybuilding journey. In most cases, you will take approximately four weeks to complete it. However, depending on personal preferences or goals, you could extend it from 8 to 12 weeks.

Further, you must carefully calculate the additional weights to get the best results. This extra weight should be a specific percentage of your 1RM. Supplemental accessory exercises could also suffice to help balance your physique. You could also rely on them to prevent injuries and enhance stability.

Lower and Upper Split Training

This program aims to organize your training into lower and upper-body workouts, often performed on separate days. It helps improve the upper body’s chest, biceps, triceps, and back. On the other hand, lower split training focuses on your glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quads. Suppose you do lower split training on the first day. Then, it would be best to consider upper split training on the next.

This program requires you to exercise four times a week. Dedicating yourself to this program will help provide better stimuli to elicit muscle growth. This way, you can get exceptional results within 8 to 12 weeks.

Various exercises come in handy in lower and upper split training. For instance, deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats, and Romanian deadlifts will help improve your lower body muscles. On the other hand, hanging leg raise will be essential for your core, including your front abdominal muscles. You’ll rely on it when working on your hip flexors and abs.

PHAT Program

PHAT is an acronym that stands for power hypertrophy adaptive training. It combines various powerlifting and bodybuilding techniques, gradually improving muscle mass and strength. Ideally, it utilizes lower weights and higher reps, often within a short time. Suppose you have five workouts in a week. In that case, you will dedicate two days to powerlifting and three days to muscle building.

PHAT workouts offer various benefits, from increased strength and stimulated hypertrophy to improved strength and conditioning. It also provides an excellent foundation for fitness and strength. Its results will likely show after approximately 12 weeks.

Various exercises suffice under this program. You can consider bench presses, weighted pull-ups, horizontal rows, weighted dips, and pendlay rows. You could also opt for squats, dumbbell skull crushers, and leg curls.

Bodybuilding requires dedication and consistency. You must also choose the right program to suit your preferences and style. The choices above are worth considering.



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