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5 Ways to Alleviate Feelings of Anxiety

Living with anxiety can be difficult, preventing you from getting good sleep and affecting your relationships. From sitting down for a meditation session to hitting up your San Diego dispensary, there are a lot of different ways you can combat anxious thoughts. While everyone experiences it from time to time, using a few simple techniques can help keep those anxious feelings from dominating your life.

1. Changing your Focus

Sufferers of anxiety sometimes feel they cannot turn their brains off. Constant ruminations and worries flooding your mind will leave you distracted and may leave your focus wandering. Take a mental step back by shifting attention to your breathing. By concentrating on inhaling and exhaling, you’re shifting that focus away from distracting thoughts to something you have control over.

Another opportunity to intentionally change your focus comes with the “rule of 3-3-3,” a method for resetting your awareness. First, look around and name three specific objects in your area. Then close your eyes and try to name three sounds you can hear. Lastly, move three parts of your body such as clenching and unclenching your fists, or tightening then loosening your calves.

2. Mindfulness

Taking a moment to reflect through meditating isn’t just for people who shop at the San Diego dispensary! Meditation may feel like a “hippie” movement, but it does a lot to help adjust your mind and recenter your thoughts. Being mindful means coming to terms with our situation, and understanding our place in the world. It can be a difficult prospect for some people to get their minds around, so using voice-guided meditations can help newcomers adjust.

3. Cannabis

One of the benefits of using cannabis is its ability to regulate anxiety. The primary compound, THC, is psychoactive in nature and provides a number of ways to relieve pain, nausea, and anxious thoughts. THC affects your body by binding with receptors in the brain and altering how they function. Because there are different strains with distinct properties, they can help alleviate your mental stress in a number of different ways.

  • Sativa: These strains tend to be more “active,” in that they make you feel more centered, creative, and energetic. The high created by the THC helps to regulate serotonin levels, and sativas are known for helping people get through their day in a much more focused fashion.
  • Indica: Choosing this type of cannabis can make people feel very relaxed. This is an excellent option for people looking to escape their anxious thoughts to fall asleep more easily. Indicas can also help with appetite, so those who get nervous tummies during anxiety attacks will find getting their strength back so much easier.
  • Hybrids: As the name implies, these strains are genetic blends of sativa and indica plants. As such, they can combine or enhance the effects that singe sourced strains are unable to do. They can provide a boost of creativity while also helping you kick back, or create a more relaxed yet active feeling.

Choosing a strain may be confusing at first, so consult with a San Diego dispensary representative to help. They can advise you about THC amounts and the typical effects associated with each strain of cannabis. Let them know the kinds of issues you’d like to address, and they’ll be able to point you toward the best products to help.

4. Physical Activity

Exercise is always a good method for tackling an overanxious mind. Simply being active releases chemicals into the brain that will lift that fog caused by anxiety. While intense training may help you get into shape, all forms of physical activity will release those compounds, helping you deal with problems while keeping you fit and trim at the same time.

5. CBD

While marijuana and THC-laden products are only recently being legalized across the country, its non-psychotropic alternative has been a promising pick to relieve anxiety for some time. People turn to CBD for anxiety relief because it doesn’t have the intense effects traditional cannabis products do. It lacks the psychoactive aspect, allowing anxiety sufferers to get some relief without worrying about the drug interfiering with work, play, or personal relationships.

Though CBD products can be found in drug stores and gas stations, you should look to a respectable San Diego dispensary for your supply. These organizations are designed with cannabis in mind, so you know you’re getting quality products that can be traced back to their source. It’s much safer to choose dispensaries over other locations for your health, if not for your peace of mind.

Anxiety Annihilation

No one should have to go through their day suffering from constant anxiety. Dealing with these disorders doesn’t have to be a constant battle. Using meditation, calming methods, and cannabis supplements, people can more easily manage their disorders and enjoy their experiences without so much worry. Whether you’re selecting some products at the San Diego dispensary or carefully regulating your breathing to calm your nerves, taking charge of your anxiety means better control over your life!

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