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Monday, September 20, 2021


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6 Effective Ways To Jumpstart Your Career In Marketing

6 Effective Ways To Jumpstart Your Career In Marketing

You have watched the videos and read all the marketing materials. The only thing remaining is to put out your resume and wait. Marketing skills are always needed in companies and businesses.

A degree or master’s in marketing can jumpstart your career as a marketing manager, promotion, advertising manager, public relations manager, and sales manager.

Why study for a marketing degree online?

Studying for a marketing degree online equips you with the essential tools you need to get employment quickly. The advanced knowledge and skills you learn enable you to pursue management positions in various fields.

You can be a sales representative or manager or handle promotions of products for corporate companies. In the program, students get a robust foundation in strategic planning, principles of marketing, finance, and database management.

Specialization fields include brand management and digital marketing. The marketing world is moving fast, and new trends and techniques are continuously introduced.

Employers are always looking for candidates who exhibit a willingness and ability to learn new things. Studying online exposes you to the best practices and the latest news.

You read informative marketing publications and participate in webinars to connect and learn with other experienced marketers in the field. Use them to keep tabs on industry trends.

Is it a must to have a marketing degree?

Marketing jobs are on the rise. Of course, you can get one without a marketing degree. However, you will be getting less promising jobs with low remuneration.

If you want high-paying marketing jobs, you need formal education and experience. Studying for a marketing degree gives you the knowledge and experience you need to qualify for top marketing jobs.

The formal education requirement for most marketing jobs is a bachelor’s degree in marketing, which you can get online. Studying for a marketing degree online equips you with the skills to excel in this field. Plus, you can access over 80,000 marketing jobs. According to real-time job analysis, over 89 percent of employers prefer to hire employees with a bachelor’s degree.

The knowledge, credentials, plus skills you get from the curriculum help you jumpstart and build your career.

Enroll for a marketing degree to enrich your resume and make you more employable in high-paying positions. A degree in your resume means that you met all certifications and have put in both time and effort.

These are essential things in the hiring process that convinces HR that you have the marketing essentials they need. Top marketing firms and companies will readily give you an internship that strengthens your experience and knowledge. Learn from experienced marketers and appreciate the experience.

Below are 6 effective ways to jumpstart your career in marketing;

1. Improve your communication skills

Marketing is all about how you communicate with clients or customers. Poor communication scares away potential clients or customers. Whether using social media monitoring tools, voice search, or multi-channel marketing automation, refine your message to make it palatable.

Technology changes regularly, and you should adapt quickly to reach wider audiences. Update yourself with the latest marketing trends and techniques. As a new marketer, use the core marketing skills for a start. Dominate those skills and effectively use them to achieve success.

Basic communication skills are invaluable regardless of new technological developments in the field. Ensure your written communication skills are as good as voice skills.

Communication skills account for over 80 percent of what hiring managers look for in candidates. Develop your communication skills to make a swift career transition regardless of whether you are a new marketer or a fresh graduate.

2. Specialize

The immense marketing job growth calls for specializations to overcome competition. Remember, you are garnering for the same jobs with communication experts. Your advanced knowledge and experience are the separator.

The top three skills employers look for are content creation, digital advertising, and content strategy. Sharpen your curative skills to establish yourself as a marketing expert.

Whether sales, marketing, promotions, advertising, or public relations, corporate marketing jobs need sharp and well-informed candidates.

3. Use opportunities to grow your portfolio.

Opportunities sharpen your skills. However, you only get opportunities if you sufficiently demonstrate readiness and ability to perform tasks. Go for promising opportunities to help you improve your skills and avoid missing out on future employment.

A 2017 survey confirmed that 64.5 percent of employers prefer to hire people with relevant work experience. You can sometimes volunteer to get experience and expand your network. Plus, volunteering builds your professional portfolio and signals your values and commitment to worthy causes to future employers.

4. Networking

New marketers have problems jump-starting their careers because they lack networking skills. Use friends to get employee referrals and get your first job hire.

Look to reputable referrals to build your network and gain trust. Of course, you need the experience to earn trust, so take advantage of opportunities that come along to gain marketing experience.

Attend seminars, workshops, and meet experts in the industry. Consequently, attend local conventions and meetings to connect with professionals. Attend marketing events and conferences to meet different professionals. Remember, some may be looking for promising marketers for their business.

5. Sharpen your grasp of big data

Statistics and analysis are valuable tools in marketing. It helps businesses and companies quantitatively understand audiences and customers.

There is a significant talent shortage in data-driven marketing. Learn how to analyze data to capitalize on this employment gap. Online resources to help you earn analytical skills and credentials working from home.

6. Work on your branding

Be unique and stand out from other new marketers. Build a brand and establish your own distinct visual identity. Branding makes you noticeable by companies, corporate and businesses you seek. These are people who would ignore you without it.

Grasp basic marketing strategies and concepts and use them to develop your branding to make yourself more visible. Use a distinct visual style and be consistent. Share your branding on your social media accounts to increase visibility.

The marketing field is rapidly expanding, and experts project that it will continue to grow. New marketers have plenty of opportunities to jumpstart their careers by being innovative, dedicated, and demonstrating experience.

Update yourself with the latest marketing trends and new technology. Focus on sharpening your communication skills. Specialize in an area and socialize.  Use your skills and advanced knowledge to build a portfolio. Most importantly, take advantage of networking opportunities to get employee referrals.

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