6 Gifts for People with Hearing Troubles



  •  Now, if this person can do fine with technology, has a Wi-Fi connection at home, and even owns a smartphone, a digital Wi-Fi doorbell is a pretty bomb choice.
  • If your loved one is also one of them and their special day is just around the corner, you'd want nothing less than a thoughtful gift.
  • Get a combo of a basic cleaning set and an electronic dryer to make it stand out.

Currently, more than 1.5 billion people are deaf worldwide. If your loved one is also one of them and their special day is just around the corner, you’d want nothing less than a thoughtful gift.

However, most people with perfect hearing often don’t consider what it’s like to have this impairment, and their go for generic gift options.

But if you want to impress this loved one, then you must go for purposeful objects. So, show how much you think about them with these gift ideas!

1. Suitable batteries

Batteries of hearing aids run out pretty fast – within a few days. After all, they are used 24/7 and can only accommodate a small battery owing to their size.

So, if you know the type or model of your loved one’s hearing aid, you will know which type of battery works for their device.

Two kinds of batteries are available – the small button-shaped disposable batteries and the rechargeable ones.

You can get this practical gift in any nearby stores or online. Make sure you research well and only invest in the ones with the highest battery life.

  1. Get them an upgrade

Before you invest in this gift, you can also think about how your loved one feels about their hearing aid. Find out whether they are happy with their gadget.

If they never shared this with you and you don’t want to be too prominent, ask people that stay with them 24/7.

If the gadget is low quality or wearing out, your best bet is to get them an upgraded hearing aid.

Go for over-the-counter rechargeable FDA-registered products that come with a whole bunch of added pros. Look for longer battery life, portable charging, Bluetooth connectivity, and longer music play hours.

If you’re wondering which brand might check out all these boxes, look up Vivtone hearing aids.

A full-fledged maintenance kit

Human ears secrete lots of oily gunk that can get stuck to hearing aids and diminish their overall longevity. So, another fabulous gift can be a hearing aid cleaning kit.

Owing to the device’s high sensitivity, it’s not easy to clean it with just anything. You need a dedicated kit to prolong the device’s durability so it provides its peak performance for longer.

Moreover, with the right cleaning tools, your loved one will be more enthusiastic about maintaining the device regularly.

While choosing this gift, you will get a lot of options. Get a combo of a basic cleaning set and an electronic dryer to make it stand out!

Vibrating alarm clocks

It’s not comfortable to wear hearing aids 24/7, especially while sleeping. So, a vibrating alarm clock can help your loved one wake up on time.

Specifically, it will help them avoid missing any important early morning appointments. If this person is not tech-savvy, this will be an easy-to-use gadget.

They only need to set the alarm like in other digital clocks and keep it under their pillow at night. This is so they can feel the best vibrations when the alarm goes off.

Captioned telephones

As the name says, this kind of telephone has a screen attached to the device, which converts the other person’s words into text. It is a great communication device, especially if this loved one isn’t comfortable with a smartphone.

However, this device doesn’t work on traditional telephone networks. Rather it needs the internet to function.

So, be thoughtful and set it up completely so they don’t need to take any hassle. Otherwise, your loved one might avoid using it because it’s too confusing.

  1. Digital Wi-Fi doorbell

 Now, if this person can do fine with technology, has a Wi-Fi connection at home, and even owns a smartphone, a digital Wi-Fi doorbell is a pretty bomb choice!

After all, unless they wear their hearing aids, they won’t hear the doorbell ringing. Moreover, if this person is just hard of hearng and not completely deaf, they often take breaks from the device.

So, during those times, whenever someone rings their doorbell, the device sends notifications to a connected smartphone. None of his parcels or visitors would go unnoticed after that!

Over to you

These are just a few of the best gift choices for a hearing-impaired person. However, remember to focus on your loved one’s needs when selecting the gift. This way, you will never go wrong with your surprises!


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