6 Signs That You Need To Change Your Air Filter

One thing many homeowners give little thought to is their air conditioning system at home. Most people check it only once a year or even less often. However, you should know if your AC isn’t working correctly. The reason might be that your filter needs to be changed. Here are some signs that it’s time to change your AC filter:

1. When you notice a decrease in your HVAC system’s airflow

In most cases, a dirty air filter is a reason for decreased airflow. If you notice that your heating and cooling system’s airflow isn’t as strong as it used to be, then there may be a problem with the filter. According to AC experts, proper sizing of an HVAC system will leave slight negative pressure in the cabinet, which helps draw air through the filter. An oversized HVAC system will have even less negative pressure at the registers, which can quickly cause more difficulties than just a dirty filter. Reduced airflow can lead to other issues, like air leaks and water leaks.

2. When you notice poor indoor air quality

Another sign that your HVAC system’s filter could be replaced is poor indoor air quality. If you’re noticing odd smells coming from your heating or cooling vents, then it might be time for a new filter. If you have also been experiencing breathing issues or allergies, it could directly result from poor air quality.

When your filter is clogged up with dust and grime, it can make it even more difficult for your HVAC system to do its job. Think of your HVAC system like this: if you were trying to drink through a straw, but the straw was clogged up, you wouldn’t get a very satisfying beverage. The same is true for your HVAC system. If the filter is dirty, it restricts airflow and makes it harder for your household’s heating or cooling system to do its job effectively. Dirty filters also encourage the growth of bacteria, which can adversely affect your indoor air quality.

Air Filter

3. When the AC condenser coils are heavily coated with dust or dirt

The AC condenser coils should not be coated heavily with dust or dirt. A periodic clean of the dust and dirt will help in the proper working of your air conditioner. You can choose to send your AC condenser for professional cleaning if it is heavily clogged with mud and grime. Otherwise, you can choose to do it yourself by cleaning. Regular cleaning will keep the air conditioner working correctly, and you can choose to change the filter after every 15 days. If you decide to do it yourself cleaning, first turn off the power supply and then use a low-pressure water sprayer attached with a soft brush to clean the coils.

4. When your AC system appears to be working harder than usual

If so, it is time to choose a new filter. It may perform less efficiently than before because it is dirty. This reduces the cooling efficiency and airflow of the AC system. As a result, filters should be checked and changed regularly. When you choose a filter, make sure it’s the right fit. AS that will make your home have cleaner air making it healthier to live in. In addition, your AC system will also work more efficiently with a new filter because it can deliver filtered air to the home instead of unfiltered air that passes through.

5. When you see a reduction in the overall humidity level of your home

When your AC system isn’t working correctly, the air that it distributes throughout your home is more dry than usual. This is because the AC unit has to pull in large amounts of air through its filter, so it can cool or heat your home. Because this system usually uses an evaporative cooling method, the only way to get rid of the humidity it takes in is by filtering out any moisture. As a result, you’ll notice that your home has less humidity than usual, which can make it feel more comfortable (because dry air is naturally more comfortable than moist air). But if there’s nothing to hold on to that humidity in your home, then indoor relative humidity levels will continually decrease.

6. When you notice an increase in your utility bill

Another sign that you need to change your air filter is an increase in your utility bill. If you notice that your total energy costs are going up, it could mean something wrong with your system or filters. This is because the more your AC unit struggles to work, the higher the wattage required for it to perform still. If your unit is working harder than usual, it will take more energy to regulate your home’s temperature.

Whether you have a fresh air system, central heating, and cooling unit, or an AC window unit, these are some telltale signs of the need to change your filter. Replacing your filters can be done quickly by popping them out of their housing and putting in new ones. However, if you need help changing your HVAC filter, contact an HVAC company specializing in air conditioning systems.


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