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6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Gynecologist for Your Daughter’s First Visit



  • One of the most important things to consider when choosing a gynecologist for your daughter is whether they specialize in adolescent medicine.
  • Thus, if you’re living in Brooklyn, look for a gynecologist in Brooklyn that is experienced in making young women’s first appointments comfortable.
  • That’s why you’re committed to making her first appointment as easy and stress-free as possible and want to choose the best one in your area.

The first gynecological appointment is a milestone in most girls’ lives. It’s an exciting time, but this visit can also be overwhelming. You want your daughter to feel comfortable and confident with her doctor and staff during this important time. While many factors go into selecting a gynecologist, here are six things you should consider when choosing one for her first visit:

The First Gynecological Appointment is a Milestone in Most Girls’ Lives

Some girls may experience anxiety or fear about the visit, so it’s necessary to prepare your daughter beforehand. You must create an environment of trust and comfort for her to share her thoughts.

The doctor will review information from previous appointments and tests during your daughter’s exam. They may perform an internal pelvic examination, which involves putting two fingers into the vagina while looking at it externally through the vaginal opening with an instrument. Conducting a breast exam is also a part of the check-up.

After these procedures are finished, your daughter may be given an instruction sheet that explains how often she should return for follow-up care. The sheet will also include the medicines required and diagnostic tests if needed. Young girls must follow the gynecologist visiting schedules strictly to stay healthy. According to Statista, about 40% of American women visited or consulted a gynecologist once a year.

1. A Gynecologist That Specializes in Adolescents is Ideal

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a gynecologist for your daughter is whether they specialize in adolescent medicine. You may be surprised that many gynecologists only focus on women over 18. However, your daughter should have a specialist who knows to care for her unique needs as she grows and develops into an adult.

One reason this is so important is that children and teens have different issues from adults regarding their reproductive health. For example, girls can get their first period between 8 and 14. Teens may also experience irregular periods or heavy bleeding when they first start menstruating or other symptoms of puberty, such as acne or breast growth.

If you’re concerned about these things happening with your daughter, ask her doctor about them during her first visit. Then, they’ll be able to answer all your questions without making you feel silly.

2. Is the Office Convenient to Get To?

When you’re looking for a gynecologist for your young daughter, the location of their practice can be an essential consideration. You want to make sure it’s accessible and convenient for her so that she doesn’t have to travel too far or make any special arrangements before her appointment.

That’s why it’s necessary to ask, how far away is the gynecologist’s office from home? Are they located in a safe neighborhood? How much time will it take your daughter to get there? Where is her school, and what are its hours? Are there any other places she likes hanging out with friends during the day or after school, and how far are those places from this gynecologist’s office?

You want your daughter to feel comfortable and at ease with your gynecological health. That’s why you’re committed to making her first appointment as easy and stress-free as possible and want to choose the best one in your area.

Thus, if you’re living in Brooklyn, look for a gynecologist in Brooklyn that is experienced in making young women’s first appointments comfortable. Doral Health & Wellness is one name to consider in Brooklyn. The gynecologists at Doral Health & Wellness are experts in gynecology, urogynecology, and obstetrics.

Also, they are experts in dealing with adolescent girl issues. They even offer services that include treatment of vaginal discharge and procedures like colposcopy, cervical cone biopsy, UTI, urine incontinence, bladder infection, menstrual cramps, pelvic pain, and many others. More importantly, they know how to provide innovative services in a friendly environment.

3. Find Out How the Practice Handles Emergencies

You’ll also want to know how the practice handles emergencies. For example, if your daughter has an emergency at home, do they have an after-hours contact number? If she’s in pain after hours, will someone call you immediately, or will you wait until morning? What happens if there’s a problem and the office is closed?

If this concerns you, ask about the procedures for handling these situations. You may also want to consider if other practices serve your area that would be more convenient should something arise during regular hours.

It’s also important to consider how easy it will be to get an appointment. Many providers will have evening and weekend appointments available, but some offices are booked months in advance. If this is an issue for you, ask about the availability of slots on their schedule so that you can plan accordingly.

4. Ask About the Types of Services Offered

Before you sign your daughter up for her first pelvic exam, you should know what the gynecologist will do during that visit. While some women may be comfortable with a female gynecologist, others might prefer a male doctor. However, in most cases, gynecologists are females. In the US, more than 85% of gynecologists are female, as per Zippia.

In most cases, it’s not necessary to choose based on gender. A good gynecologist will understand their patient’s comfort level and accommodate them accordingly.

The next question you may ask is what types of tests are performed. For example, is there testing for STIs? If so, this is a crucial factor to consider, especially since STIs can be transmitted at any time during sex, regardless of whether protection was used or not.

5. Ask About Confidentiality and What Issues You Can Be Contacted About

Regarding confidentiality, you should know that a gynecologist is legally obligated to keep everything you share confidential. It includes your name, information about your daughter, and anything else that might identify them.

If you have questions about what is confidential and what isn’t, it’s best not to ask over the phone but instead visit the clinic in person so they can explain these policies in person when possible.

Many cases of data breaches and leaks continue to happen daily. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, the data compromise cases in the US crossed 18620 cases in 2021. Therefore, you must ensure that the gynecologist you approach has a strict confidentiality policy.

6. What Insurance Does the Doctor Accept?

Another important consideration is that does the doctor accept insurance. If you have a choice, finding a doctor who accepts your insurance is ideal because it can help save money on co-pays and deductibles. Even if their office doesn’t take your insurance, ask if they have a payment plan or if they can estimate how much the visit will cost you.

Before deciding which gynecologist you want to send your daughter to, be sure to ask how much her first visit will cost. A reputable professional should send you an itemized receipt with all relevant information so that this process goes smoothly for everyone involved.

Your Daughter Should Feel Comfortable on Her First Visit with a Gynecologist

The first visit to a gynecologist is an important milestone for your daughter. But, unfortunately, it’s also one of the most uncomfortable experiences she’ll ever have. That’s why it’s so important that she feels comfortable on her first visit with a Gynecologist.

How can you make your daughter comfortable in this situation? You can help by ensuring the doctor knows what to expect and what is expected of them. Ask questions about how they talk to patients, who else will be present, and how long the appointment will last. Most importantly, make sure they don’t push anything onto your child unless she asks for it.

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