9 Myths about Hot Flashes

It is always a weird sensation when you feel your body heating up!

Your skin feels flushed, you can feel your internal body temperature rising and it normally takes you by surprise when it happens.

The range of reasons for experiencing hot flashes ranges drastically. You can get hot flashes pregnancy symptoms or you can be dealing with menopause. Or, you can have a range of other things going on in your body that triggers your body temperature to spike up.

We understand that you will be wanting to get to the bottom of what is causing your hot flash. So we have put together the top myths that have been circulating around and debunked them accordingly so that you can have as much knowledge about them as possible.

And, of course, you should always talk to your doctor about the hot flashes progress or you are feeling concerned about the experience.

Here are the top nine myths about hot flashes

Myth 1: They Do Not Last Long

Many people tend to just tell you to suck it up, as hot flashes do not last that long. But the truth is, hot flashes can actually become a dominant experience in many people’s lives. Some people have experienced them for up to twenty years, even! But there is no need to stress. As the average woman will experience mild hot flashes during pregnancy and monthly hot flashes that occur during menopause. The longevity of them is all determined by the cause.

Myth 2: You are making it up

Sometimes people will tell you that the hot flashes are all in your head and that you are exaggerating the symptoms. But the fact of the matter is that your internal temperature is a very matter of fact thing. It is not something you mentally control. In fact, if you think you are heating up then you likely very much are! Especially if you have additional signs like sweating or feeling flushed.

Myth 3: It only happens to older women

Many people think that hot flashes are reserved for those later years in life. But the opposite is true. First, you can experience hot flashes during pregnancy. And you can get pregnant at quite a young age. And second, hot flashes from menopause can begin in women as young as thirty. So you are never too young or old to experience a rise in body temperature.

Myth 4: Men can’t get hot flashes

While it is rare, men can experience hot flashes too. But it is for a very different reason and is usually a sign that they may be developing prostate cancer. Hot flashes in men will occur when they have decreasing levels of hormones—and should talk to a medical professional as soon as possible.

Myth 5: Soy solves hot flashes

There are many tips and tricks to dealing with hot flashes. And some say that soy can actually mimic hormones that manage your body temperature. However, this is more of a myth than a fact still, as much more research needs to be done. So don’t overdo it on the soy.

Myth 6: Hot flashes suck

While some people find it uncomfortable, others find it liberating and exciting because it signals a change in your life. This could be either your body preparing to give birth to a baby or your body moving on to a new phase of life where you no longer have to deal with periods.

Myth 7: Hot flashes reduce sexual drive

This is not true in the slightest. While some women who have hot flashes due to menopause have fewer intimacy desires, others experience the opposite and find themselves more aroused than ever. This is just something to be open with your partner about and be kind to yourself.

Myth 8: Hot flashes mean no contraception is needed

Regardless of if you are experiencing menopause or pregnancy, you should still always be protected when you are getting intimate with someone else. This is because there is still the risk of STIs or other infections, especially when you are with a new partner.

Myth 9: Cold water will cool you down

While logically this may feel like it makes sense, it is not always true. In fact, many women who experience hot flashes walk around spraying themselves with cold water or a fan all day only to still suffer through the hot flashes. This is because the heat is not an external issue, but an internal one. So talk to your doctor if the hot flashes become hard to deal with.

Hot flashes are a part of life and there are many reasons for them and ways to deal with them as well.




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