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AeroMed Technologies’ Innovative COVID-19 and Airborne Infection Control Solutions at 7 Top Hospitals

AeroMed Technologies’ infectious disease solutions appear in a number of top hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the United States and internationally thanks to their proven track record. From New York to California to India, these clients include:

  • Kings County Hospital – Brooklyn, NY
  • Coney Island Hospital – Brooklyn, NY
  • Bellevue Hospital – Manhattan, NY
  • National Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease – New Delhi, India
  • NYC Health + Hospitals Corporation (HHC) – New York, NY
  • Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) – New York, NY
  • Los Angeles County Department of Public Health – California

AeroMed Technologies solutions are comprised of either HEPA filtration-based air purifiers or upper-room germicidal ultraviolet (GUV) lights. According to Palmer, client solutions are customized based on the unique configuration of the hospital or healthcare facility and its specific needs.

“The goal of both systems is to reduce the risk of infection by diluting the concentration of viable microbes in the air, whether they’re viruses or bacteria,” Palmer explains. “GUV lights reduce the concentration of viable pathogens by inactivating microbes in the air – it doesn’t remove them but disinfects them so they can no longer cause infection. HEPA filtration relies on moving air through a series of filters to physically remove those same microbes from the air. We are often able to combine both HEPA filtration and GUV into the same product. This protects both the room occupant and the person who eventually will service the air purifier.”

Upper-room GUV lights are a crucial, cost-effective product in the fight against COVID-19 and have been provided to clients by AeroMed for the past 10 years for airborne infectious disease applications around the world.

AeroMed Technologies’ upper-room GUV lights are thoroughly tested and vetted by an independent laboratory for performance. This technology is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for COVID-19 applications, stating that upper-room UVG lights “can be used to provide air cleaning within occupied spaces.”

“Our solutions not only provide healthcare professionals peace of mind about working in at-risk settings, but they also create a sense of safety for patients and visitors,” says Palmer. “Some local hospitals, for example, are showing their infection control equipment in advertising to show that they’re taking action to reduce the risk to their patients and employees.”

AeroMed Technologies brings over 30-years’ experience providing such infectious pathogen solutions to the healthcare industry – long before the COVID-19 outbreak began. Its representatives work with experts around the world to ensure their upper-room GUV light and HEPA filtration systems are properly deployed to reduce the risk of airborne infection. During installation, AeroMed Technologies conducts further testing to ensure that the GUV lights, once installed, are effective against pathogens and safe for room occupants.

“We have a proven track record of applying these technologies before most others currently serving the industry and take pride in our effective systems, which are applied based on the unique requirements of each facility,” says Palmer. “Hospitals and healthcare providers can trust AeroMed Technologies to perform a risk assessment, recommend the most viable solutions for their needs, and implement the technology correctly to reduce risk in their facility.”

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