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Friday, March 24, 2023

AlphaDBS System for Parkinsons Disease Receives CE Mark

AlphaDBS System is the first rechargeable deep brain neurostimulation system that can continuously record and interpret bioelectrical neuronal activity in the brain areas where stimulation is delivered reports Newronika, a spin-off of world-class neurological research center Policlinico of Milan and the University of Milan.

AlphaDBS’s proprietary sensing technology records noise-free local field potentials while electrical stimulation is delivered.

The AlphaDBS system is also capable of closed-loop stimulation in which the current delivered is automatically adjusted for the individual needs of each patient, a true revolution in DBS care and personalized medicine. This feature is currently under clinical evaluation. When available, it will be the most important innovation in the DBS field. The device also collects brain signals critical to developing new treatments using a first-of-its-kind telemonitoring platform between patients and physicians.

“The ability to collect real-time brainwave information from patients with Parkinson’s disease during electrical stimulation treatment provides clinicians with a unique opportunity to understand the disease process and how effective stimulation is while patients participate in normal activities of life,” said Lorenzo Rossi, co-founder and CEO of Newronika.

“DBS is an established treatment for treating Parkinson’s disease but there has been minimal innovation in how to deliver the therapy. The capability of AlphaDBS to collect real-time information from the brain with the potential to close the loop is a major advancement for a personalized therapy, which is only delivered when needed. Such an ‘on demand’ therapy holds the promise of better efficacy and less adverse effects than continuous stimulation,” according to Jens Volkmann, MD, Professor and Chairman Department of Neurology, University Hospital Würzburg, Germany.

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