Ambu Awarded National Single-Use Endoscopy Contract with Premier Inc.

Ambu was the only supplier of single-use endoscopes designated to participate in Premier’s SURPASS and ASCEND purchasing programs.

Ambu and Medical Advisory Fuel Medical Group Announce Partnership

“This is a perfect match that will enable both companies to expand their reach into new and growing markets,” said Juan Jose Gonzalez, CEO of Ambu A/S.

Medical Device Maker Ambu Launches New Single-Use Cystoscope for Improved Workflow and Enhanced Productivity Benefits

The Ambu® aScope™ 4 Cysto will give urologists immediate access to a single-use cystoscope that can be used for procedures such as bladder cancer surveillance, stent removal and other common cystoscopy procedures.

Ambu Announces: Ready to Launch its New Display Technology for Single-Use Endoscopy

The aView 2 Advance is a portable full-HD display unit to be used together with our single-use endoscopes across multiple clinical specialties. Ambu, is a global manufacturer of medical devices, including single-use endoscopes.

Contaminated Reusable Bronchoscopes Could Cause Secondary Infections and Higher Mortality Rates in COVID-19 Patients: Researchers Warn

Ambu is a rapidly growing medical device maker and pioneer of sterile, single-use endoscopes. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, researchers have flagged a new potential threat: Patients and healthcare staff may be at risk of...