AMETEK EMC Elevates Medical Device Design and Safety with Advanced Silicone Molding Services


AMETEK Engineered Medical Device Components (EMC) is a leading innovation partner for the medical device industry. With an expert reputation for innovative materials and custom manufacturing solutions for medical device components, AMETEK EMC collaborates with medical device manufacturers to get the next generation of life-saving medical devices to waiting patients and physicians. Major medical device OEMs partner with AMETEK EMC to accelerate innovative go-to-market concepts for devices, instruments, or implants.

One of the key capabilities at AMETEK EMC are medical grade Silicone Molding services. Silicone is an ideal choice for medical device components in surgical and dental applications as well as consumer health care products. Its superior grip, tactile feel, and high durability make it a highly desirable material for demanding environments. Moreover, silicone is biocompatible with low toxicity levels, easy to sterilize, and autoclave, making it perfectly suited for clinical environments. The material’s ability to work across a wide temperature range, its chemical inertness, and coat-ability further enhances its versatility. In addition, it offers a range of durometers, enabling adjustments based on specific use cases and required impact resistance.

AMETEK EMC’s Silicone Molding services include both Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Molding and Silicone Transfer Molding (STM). These cutting-edge molding processes are utilized to manufacture an extensive range of medical device components, including catheters and tubing, connectors, handles or grips for surgical instruments, respiratory and anesthesia equipment, programming antennas for cardiac rhythm management, hearing aids, and more.

Each molding process caters to specific requirements. LSR molding excels in fast, high-volume production, making it ideal for components that are less sensitive to pressure or impact, whereas Silicone Transfer Molding, is a slow and gentle process, well-suited for overmolding highly sensitive electronics such as PC boards and delicate cables. The successful execution of these processes is founded on AMETEK EMC’s experienced engineering team and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products, every time.

Lih Fang Chew, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at AMETEK EMC, emphasized the company’s unique position in the market. “At AMETEK EMC, we possess the expertise and technology to offer both LSR and Silicone Transfer molding processes as single assemblies or in sequence, all in-house, under one roof, and fully integrated. Our highly qualified and experienced engineering team excels in working with LSR and Silicone materials, even overmolding sensitive electronics, which sets us apart from many competitors. Understanding the biocompatibility, resistance, and versatility of these materials allows us to select the perfect material for various custom components and projects,” said Lih Fang.

With relentless commitment to innovation, AMETEK EMC’s cutting-edge products consistently meet the highest standards of performance, safety, and reliability. Medical experts rely on LSR and Silicone molded products for a variety of surgical procedures, and AMETEK EMC’s more than 40 years of molding expertise continue to set industry benchmarks for Liquid Silicone Rubber and Silicone Transfer Molding solutions.

For more information about AMETEK EMC’s Silicone Molding services or to discuss specific medical device projects, please visit here.

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