Are HBOTs for Hospitals or Residential Use?

According to expert statistics, the global application of HBOT machines is expected to increase by 6.5% in four years. There are more HBOT machines in the world now than you can imagine. Several factors drive the hyperbaric oxygen therapy market at an incredible pace.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are designed for different reasons, depending on the brand and type you are buying. For example, is it possible to get one for personal use, or must you visit a hospital to access such high-pressure machines? This post will reveal what you need to know in this regard.


HBOT, or hyperbaric oxygen therapy, is a kind of non-invasive treatment for speeding up the healing of damaged tissues. The therapy utilizes increased pressure to drive pure oxygen around the user’s body. The pressure is slightly higher than standard atmospheric pressure. The availability of abundant blood oxygen helps to combat foreign bodies in the user’s bloodstream. That is how HBOT can promote healing.

HBOT for Hospitals or Personal Use?

Many people are confused about the use of HBOT. I am sure some are just hearing it for the first time. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an advanced form of oxygen therapy. Think of it as the use of pure oxygen to ensure a healthy life.

HBOT machines exist in different designs and models. Some of them are designed to be used in health facilities. At the same time, some are specifically built for personal use. Therefore, hyperbaric chambers are not exclusively built for hospitals alone. Neither are they designed for personal use only. Where you intend to use your high-pressure machine is what determines the HBOT chamber type you will go for. But rest assured that you can find one that has been designed to meet your needs.


What Illnesses Can Be Treated By HBOT?

The number of sicknesses that HBOT chambers can treat is shrouded in controversies. It is still being determined which conditions can be handled by an HBOT unit. Some reports state it can treat health anomalies such as diabetes, crush injury, etc.

However, your main reason for purchasing HBOT chambers should be for something other than treatment. Instead, let it be that you are buying it for prevention reasons. Optimizing your HBOT unit allows you to live a healthier life. In hospitals, they are used chiefly for stabilizing users in delicate situations.


If your basic reason for buying a hyperbaric chamber is to treat certain illnesses on your own, you may be disappointed. However, HBOT provides you with an easy means of maintaining good health.


How HBOT is Evolving

Anyone who knows the history of HBOT would agree that it was intended for managing depression sicknesses. Plus, it was also used for handling diving complications. Today, soft-shell chambers are used by mountaineers and divers.

But, all of that is gradually changing because of technological advancement in the field of HBOT. HBOT is believed to be effective in managing many other health challenges. Medical researchers and experts are working to see how they can improve the quality of lives of patients in hospitals. And HBOT chambers have been helpful in that regard.

Types of HBOT Machines

We emphasized earlier that HBOT machines are in various forms and models. The HBOT unit appropriate for you is based on specific factors. We will look into the different types of HBOT chambers in this section and what should inform your decision.

Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers

Monoplace chambers are designed for one person at a time. Therefore, two people can’t go into the chamber simultaneously. I am sure you can find Monoplace chambers at some health facilities, even though it is more common for personal use. For instance, many people are using them in their houses today. Do you prefer to have your therapy sessions with minimal interference and supervision? Then monoplace chambers will be a great fit for you.

Multiplace Hyperbaric Chambers

The multiplace hyperbaric chambers can accommodate more than one person at a time. It is like a bigger form of monoplace chamber. Multiplace chambers are more suited for hospitals and other health facilities. Plus, multiplace chambers are better for those who need to be monitored inside the unit. Children and aged people can use multiplace chambers since they will be under supervision.

OxyHelp Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers

Investors are flooding the HBOT chambers market. Most investors are going in because of how lucrative the chambers are. The business is recording high profits because the high-pressure machines work. It is not a scam or hype, as many people assume.

OxyHelp has remained a leading name in the HBOT community. They have been able to distinguish themselves with their high-quality machines because where you buy your HBOT chambers matters a lot.

Several publications have revealed that users’ sad experiences with HBOT chambers can be traced to low-quality machines. To put it simply, the machines needed to be better. You can avoid all of that by purchasing your HBOT machine from OxyHelp. Their hyperbaric chambers are of high quality and safe for use. Also, they have been designed with user-friendly features.

They have HBOT chambers of different types. All you need is to run through all their products and see which will suit you. Other top-notch HBOT products can be seen on other platforms.


You now have a better understanding of HBOT chambers after reading this article. This post shows us that hyperbaric chambers are designed for various purposes. You can find some in hospitals and other health facilities. Others are built to be used at home or fitness centers. OxyHelp specializes in developing HBOT chambers for home use.  If you want to use your HBOT at home, OxyHelp is where you should be looking. Check out their website to explore the different monoplace and multiplace chambers at OxyHelp.



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